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Santa Brought Drums

Months and months ago, Joe and I stumbled upon a practically brand new drum set during our first ever visit to a Goodwill store. We paid $10 for it, and we covered it up with towels from our pool bag so that Grace wouldn't see it when we picked her up on the way home.

I completely forgot about the drum set until about a week ago, when Joe said, “You didn't do so well on that three gift thing. There's the hide and seek bunny, the puppy game, the drum set, the bingo game, the Barbie dolls, the doll house people, and, uh, what else? You failed.”

The drums!

She was excited about everything she got from Mrs. Santa, but the drums and the Barbies stole the show.

preschool drum set

preschool drum set

preschool drum set

I love the drums, too.

I love the drums because Joe took them to the basement right after I took the pictures.

I love the drums because Grace will go to the basement – by herself – to play them.

Grace has never gone to the basement by herself before.

Not ever.

I will happily listen to drum beating any time, if it means she will gain a little independence, a little confidence.

That might have been the best $10 I ever spent.

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