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Productivity and an Oreo-Crusted Baby

I don’t know how other at home mothers accomplish anything.

I don’t like the idea of sticking Allie in a playpen, and thus, I find it difficult to walk away from her, to pick things up, to wash something, to make lunch, to do anything. It’s frustrating for me, and it’s frustrating for Joe.

Last week, I planned cherry chocolate cheesecake for our church’s Thanksgiving service. I had waited until the day of the service to make the cheesecake, so I absolutely had to make it during the day, with my kids’ help.

Grace is a great helper. She’s always liked to cook. She put cookies in the blender. She mixed; she poured.

Allie is too little to be a good helper. She emptied cupboards. She smashed bananas. She smeared cookies all over herself, played in the cat’s water bowl, and threw cat food throughout the kitchen.

In short, she made a huge mess – of herself and of the kitchen. I think Grace’s shoe ended up in that cupboard.

Fortunately, though, she was busy and happy and adorable. I wasn’t mad at her; she was doing what babies do.

I got the cheesecake mixed, assembled, baked, and cooled. It was a big hit at the service.

But I remain perplexed. I have girlfriends who exercise and homeschool and make dinner and clean the house and blog, all in the course of the day, while taking care of their children.

How does that happen?


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8 thoughts on “Productivity and an Oreo-Crusted Baby”

  1. I always put my little ones in a booster seat that attached to a chair, strapped them in, and gave them a safe activity. This way they were safe and occupied, if only for a few moments. I also always explained what I was doing to them. Even though they probably didn’t know what I was saying and couldn’t respond, they loved hearing my voice.

    I was not at home during the day while my kids were babies, but I did this on the weekends and in the evenings when my husband was working.

    Hope you find something that works. I can say that it gets much easier as they get older.

    • I do sometimes put her in the high chair. The unfortunate thing is that she can climb out of it (even if I use the 5-point-harness and pull the tray in close), so for this day-long project, it wasn’t a very good option. I figured it was better to clean up her mess than to constantly be sitting her back down.

      Grace started helping around 14 months. Allie will be there soon, I hope.

  2. God bless you, honey, I don’t know. My kids look just like that. And my floors are no doubt worse than yours. I think we all have areas we excel at, and others that we’d rather not have others witness. No one is doing it all. Absolutely no one.

  3. I think that we spend far toooooo much time looking at others and worrying about how we can do all they do. I finally figured out the secret after 6.5 years of being at home. I can’t do what others do. I can only do what I can do.

    I’m working on getting into a better routine for doing a little bit each day instead of trying to get big projects done every day. I have a list of goals for the week, and I try to take on the goals that are manageable depending on how my kids are doing that day.

    My house is not organized. It’s mostly clean. 🙂 It’s definitely not organized though. I figure that’s okay for now. I want my kids to remember cooking with me, playing legos, reading, and cuddling. I don’t want them to remember me frantically organizing and cleaning. That can come later.

    • You’re exactly right, Casey. If I was able to cook, keep things pretty clean, and do all of my homeschool and momma things during the day, I think I’d be happy. I just can’t figure out how to do those four things at the same time. My poor husband cooks every day when he gets home because I can’t seem to get it done. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t made it a priority.

  4. I have *no* idea how moms do it – my two are almost 2 1/2 & 6 months. The older one doesn’t help in the kitchen at all (he demolishes things but that’s about it). The younger one will sit in a high chair, but if her brother is awake he’s trying to push the chair around the house so that doesn’t work. I really don’t know how to get anything done when they’re not asleep, entranced by the tv, or being watched by daddy. And the second two only work occasionally.

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