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Kangaroo Crossing

Mom! There’s a picture of Australia on the iPad! 

“How do you know it’s Australia?” I asked incredulously.

Because there’s a kangaroo crossing in the picture. Her shrug was almost audible.

“Oh. How did a picture of Australia get in the iPad?”

I dunno. I guess Balloonimals did an update. I’ll take a picture of it so you can see.

I’m not sure which surprised me most – that she knew kangaroos came from Australia, that she knew the road sign meant kangaroo crossing, or that she knew how to take a screenshot with the iPad.

Clearly, I don’t give that kid enough credit.

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1 thought on “Kangaroo Crossing”

  1. True story: My sister called me a few years ago on her way home from somewhere. She was on the Parkway (in NC), just merrily rolling along, chatting with me, when she suddenly stopped talking. “Amanda, are you there?” “Um, yeah…but…you’re gonna think I’m doing LSD or something.” “What? Why?” “Because I just saw a kangaroo hop across the road in front of me.” “You’re right. I think you’re doing LSD.”

    She insisted it was true, but I really thought she was just playing games with me. A few days later, we read in the paper that a kangaroo had escaped from a petting zoo close-by. I guess the moral of the story is that Kangaroos cross roads everywhere, not just in Australia. I was considering having her whisked away by the men in little white coats.

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