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10 Books We Love for Preschoolers

We are big, big readers. We always have been.

Grace is getting better at reading on her own, but she still prefers to be read to.

best books for preschoolers

The books on this book list and this book list and those listed here and here are still popular around here.

These books have also found Grace’s favor recently:

  1. The Story for Little OnesThe Story is a chronological story-based Bible (My entire church is reading it together, and I love it!); this is the children’s version. It’s a wonderful book. The illustrations are perfect for small children, soft and child-like. Each of the stories is just three or four pages, and each ends with a moral like, God listened to Hannah’s prayers, and He will listen to yours, too. Grace asks me to read to her from this book every single day.
  2. The Jesus Storybook Bible – I like this Bible because the stories are a little longer than the ones in The Story for Little Ones. The illustrations are beautiful, not quite realistic but more grown up than the ones in The Story for Little Ones. Every story in the book references back to the coming of Jesus to save the earth.
  3. Pink sequin Bible* – Sometimes, we need an actual Bible for reading. The story of Esther, for example, was not in either of the books above, but we needed it for our Jesse tree devotions. We needed a Bible that was written in language a child could understand; this one is the International Children’s Bible (ICB) translation. This particular Bible is pink with sequined flowers all over the front. Grace likes to hold it and look through the pages because it’s pretty.
    pink bible
  4. The Little Critter Books – Grace has only recently discovered the Little Critter books. I grew up with Little Critter (my favorites – Just Me and My Mom, Just Me and My Dad, I Just Forgot, and I Was So Mad!).  I love sharing them with Grace. We don’t have many Little Critter books in our library, but we get some from the library almost every time we visit.
  5. Bear Stays Up – I adore this series. I love the sing-songy rhyme and the beautiful, bright drawings. I love the animals, and I love reading them out loud. This particular book is special because Bear does something nice for his friends, and he gets something nice in return. It’s a story about Christmas.
  6. Shoe-la-la! – This is a silly book about 4 little girls who are going to a party. They try on all kinds of shoes, but they don’t buy a single pair. It isn’t one of my favorites, but Grace really likes it. The story doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it is silly and fun.
  7. The Berenstain Bears – Like Little Critter, the Berenstain Bears remind me of my own trips to the library as a kid. I didn’t expect Grace to love them so much; the stories are a little long for a 4-year-old attention span. She happily sits through every one, and she looks for them at the library. She’s even requested a few as presents.
  8. 100 Read & Sing Devotions* – We read a devotion at breakfast or lunch each day, depending on what else is going on. This particular book came with a CD of all the songs, so we can read the paragraph and listen to the song (and sing along). The devotions are perfect for Grace; they make her think without being too complicated. We’ve put this book on hiatus during Advent, when we do Jesse tree devotions instead, but we’ll pick it back up in January.
  9. Who is Coming to Our House? – This has long been a favorite of Grace’s as it combines two of her favorite things – animals and baby Jesus. The book goes through the animals in the manger, and they are all excited about the birth of baby Jesus. The pictures are wonderful, almost paintings in their own right.
  10. The Pine Tree Parable* – Aside from I’ll Love You Forever and Let Me Hold You Longer, I never expected a children’s book to make me cry. This is the sweetest story, about a farmer’s wife who loves a beautiful Christmas tree. At the end, she does something I never expected. Grace was still talking about this book several days after we read it. The story will stick with you.

What books are you and your kids reading these days?


This post contains affiliate links, and I received review copies of the ones with a *. I included each and every one because we enjoy reading them together, and we read them more often than the other books on our shelf.

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  1. One series that you may like is the Harry Potter series. I really thought that it would be more for children but then I was really able to get into it. I found myself being one of those people who couldn’t wait for the next book to come out. I didn’t really like the movies as much but that’s usually the case for me anyway.

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