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Barbie A Perfect Christmas DVD Review

Grace loves Barbie.

She saw the Barbie A Perfect Christmas DVD Review Barbie A Perfect Christmas DVD at Walmart a few weeks ago, and the begging began. I knew that we were getting a copy to review, so I explained that she’d have to be patient and wait for it.

When you’re 4, there is no waiting patiently.

On the other hand, I’m 32, and there is no waiting patiently, so perhaps being 4 doesn’t have much to do with it.

My Thoughts about Barbie’s A Perfect Christmas

This was perhaps my favorite Barbie movie so far.

You know that I cringe when I say that, but it is true. I have had concerns about some of the Barbie DVDs we’ve rented from the public library. Some have had questionable themes and oddly inappropriate language, and that bugs me.

In this DVD, there was none of that stuff. It’s about Barbie and her little sisters, mostly normal kids (one is a blogger!), and they are trying to get to New York City to visit their aunt. Because of bad weather, their plane lands in Minnesota (or was it Montana?), and they get stuck at a festive inn for Christmas.

The story is fundamentally about disappointment and finding happiness in your situation, no matter what happens. That is a message I can stand behind.

Still, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t notice a couple of oddities:

  • The girls made snowmen without gloves on.
  • The weather is too bad for Barbie and her sisters to get to New York City, but scores of people make it in for the big finale concert.
  • After the concert, Barbie and Skipper burst out in ball gowns. You know, ’cause everyone has a ball gown in her suitcase for an occasion like this!
  • The girls go outside to sing Christmas carols around the large Christmas tree in sleeveless and strapless dresses and no coats.

Okay, I’m done.

I’m aware that some of my points above are silly, and that it is a cartoon. I’m just telling the truth here.

Grace’s Thoughts about Barbie’s A Perfect Christmas

Grace loved the movie so much that she watched it twice straight through, and she has been singing the songs ever since. In the week or so since it came, we’ve watched A Perfect Christmas at least six times.

Don’t judge me. It has a good message.

Win a Barbie A Perfect Christmas DVD

Barbie and One2One Network are providing me with a copy of the Barbie A Perfect Christmas DVD to give away to one lucky Feels Like Home reader. All you have to do to enter is answer this question in a comment:

What makes a perfect Christmas for you?

For extra entries:

What’s your perfect Christmas? Leave a comment to enter to win Barbie’s A Perfect Christmas DVD from @TaraZiegmont

Good luck! I’ll choose a winner randomly from the comments after noon on December 22.

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20 thoughts on “Barbie A Perfect Christmas DVD Review”

  1. The perfect Christmas to me is having all my family with me,,we are separated by 1200 miles an have only been together once since all the grandchildren started arriving,ive got 6 kids an 8granchildren

  2. To me the perfect Christmas is for my kids to be happy and grateful, for us all to be together as a family enjoying each other’s company. Just the feeling of seeing my kids smiles, the fun we have getting ready, and their excitement mostly about baby Jesus.

  3. A perfect Christmas is low stress and simple. Watching Christmas movies together, opening a modest amount of gifts, reading about Jesus’ birth from the book of Luke, eating a nice (but not huge meal), loving each other, and showing love to a stranger.

  4. The perfect Christmas for me is just having my 5 little ones & my husband at home. If we didn’t even have a single present or even a big, fancy-dancy meal my heart would still burst with LOVE…(which this HAS happened to us before-so I’m not lyin’). We talk about the meaning of Christmas & about Christ’s love for us. & that’s perfect & beautiful to me.

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