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2011 in Review – Top 10 Posts of 2011

2011 was not the best year of my life. Actually, it was, quite possible, the very worst, and I’m glad it’s behind me.

Because it was a year full of personal challenges, it was a year that saw a lot of lackluster blog content. For that, I apologize.

Despite that, I did write some good stuff, and some old stuff was perennially popular. These were the most popular posts on Feels Like Home in 2011:

  1. How to Make a Tutu – A Tutorial (This is the #1 Feels Like Home post of all time.)
  2. Handmade Gifts You Can Make Now
  3. 10 Things to Cook in a Muffin Pan
  4. How to Make a Superhero Cape – A Tutorial
  5. Homemade Ice Cream
  6. Keepsake Quilting – How to Make a Quilt from Baby Clothes
  7. Easy Crock Pot Mashed Potatoes
  8. Christmas Crafts for Preschoolers
  9. Menu Planning with Google Calendar
  10. 10 Things to Cook in a Bundt Pan (The post that started the whole 10 Things to… series!)

What was your favorite post from the last year?

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