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My Must Have Baby Gear

As Allie’s first birthday approaches, my baby days are over.

Totally, totally over.

I’m only a wee bit bittersweet. I’m sad about the events of the past year, but no so much about my baby growing up. Starting over with a brand new baby was much harder on me than I could ever have imagined.

We’re slowly getting rid of the baby gear that we no longer need (and will never need again!). Because I’m a sap, I’ve been thinking about all of the stuff that populated our house for two of the last five years.

We Couldn’t Have Lived Without

Wrap & sling – I adore wearing my babies. I carried them both a lot, and I wore them both a lot. It was easier for me. Grace loved to be worn. Even now, if I could carry her 52 pounds, she’d be elated. Allie likes to be carried, but she doesn’t like to be confined by the Sleepy Wrap or the Maya Sling. She’s also in that Hold me! Put me down! Hold me! Put me down! stage now, making wearing tough at the moment.

maya sling - must have baby products

Stroller – I’m still hauling around my huge Graco infant stroller in the back of my car. It’s convenient because it has a big compartment underneath and cup holders at the top. At the same time, I have a Maclaren umbrella stroller that I adore. Sometime in the next couple months, I will get rid of the big stroller and start using the smaller one.

Swaddle blankets – Grace wouldn’t sleep without a swaddle blanket until she was five or six months old. We swaddled her in a Miracle Blanket every night at bedtime, and she was happily and tightly wrapped until morning. Allie hated the swaddle blanket, finding her way out of even the Miracle Blanket within minutes of being swaddled. We gave up on her within a few days. She just didn’t like it.

swaddle blanket - must have baby products

High chair – These are all pretty standard, aren’t they? Our high chair was been very well used. We also had a booster seat that straps onto a kitchen chair, and we loved that, as well.

high chair - must have baby products

Britax car seats – I am an extended rear facing momma. Grace was rear facing until she was almost two, and I turned her only because she was past the rear facing weight limit on her car seat. Allie will be rear facing until 35 pounds, too, thanks to an awesome car seat.

Having been through a serious car crash with Grace, I know how crucial a great car seat is. We are loyal Britax customers for life.

Rocker/recliner – Joe and I purchased a big, overstuffed rocker/recliner before Gracie was born, and I never regretted it. We rocked both of our babies to sleep at night, sometimes falling asleep ourselves. That big old chair was also a life saver many nights (and days) when we needed to soothe a sick baby or take a nap together.

Jumperoo – Grace love love loved her Jumperoo. Allie tolerated it. It’s amazing to me how different these two kids of mine really are.

Rain forest Jumperoo - must have baby products

Exersaucer – On the other hand, Grace tolerated the Exersaucer, and Allie adored it.

exersaucer - must have baby products

Baby swing – Both my girls napped really well in the swing. Allie, because she started teething before she was 3 months old, had an especially hard time falling asleep (even at night). The swing saved our sanity many days.

baby swing - must have baby productsbaby swing - must have baby products


I Wish We’d Saved Our Money

Pack N Play – I thought every parent needed a Pack N Play. We asked for one, and someone bought it for us before Grace was born. We used it exactly two times for two children. As you might have guessed, I’m not a parent who puts the baby in there while I do things. It was too big and inconvenient for the living room for naps. Neither baby liked to sleep in it while we were away. It just wasn’t a useful thing for us.

All those fancy clothes – I know some people put their babies in those fussy, uncomfortable clothes, but my babies both lived in one-piece sleepers. Allie still does, and she’s just shy of her first birthday.

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6 thoughts on “My Must Have Baby Gear”

  1. I read this, curious, since I’m due with #4 here in a few weeks. Came over from Cathlic Icing for the 5 days of Christmas link-up. My absolute faves are a sling (the Moby wrap for when they’re first born, then to a Maya wrap), a Boppy breastfeeding pillow, upright bouncy seat, jumper and/or exersaucer, flannel burp cloths. Our money wasters? A crib, pack-n-play, a swing, and too many baby toys.

  2. Our must-haves were the Miracle Blanket, a bassinet, and a bouncy/vibrating chair. Huge money wasters are those itty bitty flannel receiving blankets that come in packs. They are good for cutting up to do various sewing projects or dust rags, but not good for my long and chunky babes.

  3. Swing! I bought it two weeks after having the baby and it was such a relief. Also bought a recliner and it made feeding and getting her to sleep much easier. Really like my Beco Butterfly carrier but haven’t used it enough.

  4. Our must haves have been:
    exersaucer – i call this the gear that saved dinner. best way for me to keep a mobile baby safe while i’m in the kitchen.

    baby carriers – martín didn’t even go in a stroller until he was well over 6 months old. though my double stroller has been awesome to have with the “big” kids. perfect for zoo trips or going through the airport.

    pack-n- play – martín still naps in his so julia belén doesn’t bother him while she rests/naps in their room. and we travel a ton and they’ve always slept well in them.

    boppy – love my boppy. i even have 2, one for upstairs, one for downstairs.

    things i wish i hadn’t spent money on: bumbo seat.

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