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No One Warned Me (On Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom)

When you become a parent, your life changes more dramatically than you believe is possible, and you have no comprehension of those changes before they happen.

The same thing happened when I became a stay-at-home-mom, and I was just as unprepared.

No one warned me that it would be the most grueling job of my life.stay at home mom

No one warned me that I would forget the last time I took a shower.

No one warned me that I would come to appreciate chicken nuggets as a healthy food.

No one warned me that I’d forget to have fun.

No one warned me that I’d go to great lengths to make the day fun. (Case in point – letting the baby paint)

No one warned me that I’d pray more than ever. (from @mygoodnanny)

No one warned me that I’d accomplish so little even though my days couldn’t feel longer. (from Cindy)

No one warned me that I’d stop enjoying the sound of Momma.

No one warned me that I would wipe my kids’ faces with my shirt because it’s easier than getting a tissue.

No one warned me that my kids were so needy. (from Astacia)

No one warned me that I’d be constantly exhausted (from Lana)

No one warned me that I would be desperate for 5 minutes without anyone talking to me or needing anything from me.  (from Amy)

No one warned me that I’d say, “Get your head out of the toilet.” and not be speaking metaphorically. (from Tania)

No one warned me that I’d get bored. (from Connie)

No one warned me that I’d fall desperately behind on email and social media. (from Erin)

No one warned me that I’d never need an alarm clock again. (from Allie)


Some of the above are my own; some are from others. A few people asked to be anonymous.

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10 thoughts on “No One Warned Me (On Being a Stay-at-Home-Mom)”

  1. Everything about this post is the absolute truth…My husband and I agreed for me to become a Stay-At-Home mom 3 years ago. I was happy at first but I then realized that I never had time to myself away from the kids. There were time I was so sad because I felt unfulfilled. Thanks for sharing…

  2. I wonder if we had read posts like this before becoming SAH/WAHM’s if we would have had the courage to do it? Like any other job, we have our good days and bad. Today my son, whom I’ll call my 4 yo personal assistant brought me a slice of pumpkin pie in the middle of my work day. Unsolicited. That works. But I’ve not showered and it is almost dinner time. Must do that now 🙂 Great post!

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  4. This is my first year as a SAHM/Full time student. I am a mother of 7,4, and 1 yr old. Hardest job I ever had, you definately learn to cherish adult interaction.

  5. No one told me I would never have any more paid time off or sick leave.

    When you’re sick, you don’t get babied and can’t lay in bed watching TV getting better. You just ” keep on trucking”.

    Concerning time off….you don’t get a paid vacation….you have to PAY SOMEONE ELSE for your short time out from kiddos.

  6. I thought of another one. No one warned me that an uninterrupted restroom break would be as appreciated as a mini vacation and an uninterrupted bubble bath appreciated as much as a trip to the Bahamas.
    But still no regrets, love being a SAHM!

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