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100 Things I Enjoy, 91-100

things I enjoy

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What do you enjoy? If you're thinking about making a list of your own, do! Please come back and share your post in the comments.

91. Eating ice cream. I think my being overweight might have something to do with my love of eating good food. Maybe. I found a really cheap brand of really good vanilla ice cream, and I love to eat it. A little too much, I think.

92. Shopping! We had to go to the mall today. Yesterday, Joe ran over something that pierced one of the front tires on my SUV. Donut tire in place, we drove to Sears this afternoon and coughed up $500 for two new tires. The positive part is that we had to spend two hours at the mall. All four of us strolled in and out of every store that piqued our interest. I loved every minute.

93. Angry Birds. I resisted for a long time, never daring to find out what the Angry Birds craze is all about. Then Grace downloaded it for our iPad and I played it. Now I totally get it. We play Angry Birds pretty often. I love it. Physics! Trial and error! Pigs with black eyes and missing teeth!

94. Going to church. I just love going to church. I look forward to Sunday mornings, and I dread the days when I can't go. My church feels like home to me. The people are cheerful and kind and welcoming. Grace loves her teachers, and I look forward to seeing the pastor and his wife and hearing the message.

95. Skyping with my boss. As the Inbound Marketing Manager at AboutOne, I work for a beautiful woman named Katrine. We have a weekly Skype call to talk about how things are going, and we always end up chatting for a couple of hours. She laughs at my children refusing to go to bed, and I laugh at her cat wreaking havoc in her office. Between the bouts of laughter, we do good work.

96. Self work. I may have listed this before; I'm not sure. I'm working through a business class right now, designing the perfect business for myself and my ideal clients. I love the work, the learning, and the introspection. Time well spent.

97. Baking. Apple crisp, pear crisp, brownies, cakes, cookies, whatever. I like to cook, and sweet foods are my favorite.

98. Walking with my girls. I'm not talking about my girlfriends. I'm talking about my daughters. We walked around City Island in Harrisburg this week. It was awe-inspiring to see the effects of the record-breaking floods we had last month. I may share pictures in the days to come. Experiencing the walk with Grace and Allie made the day perfect.

99. Listening to Penn State football on the radio. The Penn State radio network plays the football games, called by Steve Jones and Jack Hamm. They are Penn Staters themselves, and they always call the games fairly without the annoying, often condescending commentary of the television announcers. I'd much rather listen to the game than watch it on tv.

Unless we watch it on mute and listen at the same time. That's okay, too.

100. Writing this list. I can't believe I've gotten to 100, frankly. I am sure I've had a couple of repeats; I have stopped myself from repeating several times each week. Even so, I've made it to 100. I enjoy at least 100 things.

I'm stuck between continuing to write my list of things I enjoy and stopping. What do you think?

Keep writing Things I Enjoy or stop?

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