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Our Bedtime Routines

When Grace was born, we had a bedtime routine that we followed every single night whether we were at home or away. We started with a warm bath in clear water (because her eczema was so bad at that point), followed by a thin coating of vaseline and soft, cotton pajamas. Next, we sat down in a big rocker-recliner and read a story (usually Good Night Moon) while she drank her bottle. When the story was finished, we turned on her bedtime music and rocked in the overstuffed chair until she fell asleep.

It was quiet, peaceful, and predictable almost all of the time because Grace knew what to expect.

Allie’s bedtime is not predictable at all. With my emotional struggles over the past months, my work-from-home schedule, and Grace’s bedtime, things are usually harried and a little frantic.

We need to establish a bedtime routine for Allie, and we need to do it now.

I had the opportunity to spend $150 at recently to help establish our new routine. Here’s what I bought:

I like to buy baby supplies at Walmart and because everything is really affordable and there is a very wide selection of items available.

Allie is already taking a bath in the regular bathtub alongside Grace, and it is an awesome time for us (but usually it’s Joe because I’m working in the evenings) to play with the girls, encourage them to relax, and begin the bedtime routine.

The first item I selected was Johnson’s Bedtime Sweet Sleep Gift Set. It came with the bedtime formula baby wash, tear-free shampoo, and lotion, as well as a brand new copy of Good Night Moon and a blanket. I’ve always wanted to try the bedtime formula because it combines natural aromatherapy essences but is still tear-free and gentle for babies.

The next part of our routine for Allie will include a snuggle and cotton pajamas (but without the vaseline since her skin isn’t as needy as Grace’s was). I picked up a pair of cotton pajamas at my local Walmart for just $3 on clearance.

After reading her story and giving her a bottle, we like to turn on a CD. When Grace was three weeks old, I made her a CD of my favorite lullabies and quiet songs. She still listens to that CD every single night, so I made one for Allie, too. The Coby Micro CD Stereo Shelf System that I got will allow us to play it for her.

Once the story is done, we turn out the light. It’s nice to have a nightlight so that we can see to put Allie into her crib, and the Mobi GloMate Plus Portable and Rechargeable Nightlight is perfect. I liked it so much that I bought two of them – one for Grace and one for Allie. Grace has slept with hers every night since it came.

Last but not least, we put Allie into her crib after she’s asleep. I know some experts say that it’s best to put babies in the crib awake but drowsy, but that has never worked for us. We rock her until she’s asleep and then lay her down. I got the Safe Lift Deluxe Universal Crib Wedge to put under her sheet because it will prop her head up slightly, especially when she has a cold.

The other purchase I made was the Kidz-Med VeraTemp Non-Contact Thermometer. It doesn’t help with our bedtime routine, per se, but it will help when Allie or Grace is sick, and we want to check her temperature while she’s sleeping. There’s no need to wake either of them; the thermometer records their temperature from a few inches away!

I was so excited to be able to buy everything we needed for about $150. Walmart’s everyday low prices made it easy. I’ve noticed that a few of the items I purchased have come down in price since then, too, making it even more affordable to establish a bedtime routine for your baby or small child.

My only complaint was that the checkout process was a little clunky; I had to pay shipping individually as if each item were a separate order. If I hadn’t been in a rush to get the items, I would have shipped them to the store for free instead.

Walmart’s Baby Days is having a Baby Days event from September 3 (that’s today!) through September 16. During this time, you can take advantage of many rollbacks as well as free photo prints with any online order and free shipping on many items.

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22 thoughts on “Our Bedtime Routines”

  1. When Annalyn was a newborn, I would put her to bed with fairly loud music. One of the books I read said that babies miss the loud noises they hear when they’re inside us, and for whatever reason, it seemed to work! I also always put her to bed awake so she could learn to soothe herself…but I’m well aware that doesn’t work for every baby! 🙂

  2. at 8pm we do,bath,teeth,pjs,,story an then the tuck in with the grandsons,we have a night light but no tv,,,dont believe in tv to put kids to sleep


  3. Our bedtime routine usually involves a bath, then some time to wind down & relax. Nearly always a bedtime story, and sometimes a song. Lots of hugs and kisses, too!

  4. Granny’s little sweetheart stays for the weekend and he loves to take a bath. I always pretend with him and sing songs, then when I put him to bed, I read him a story and sing a quiet song to him. I love those times…they are so precious. PS. Hope I am not too late for this giveaway. Thank you

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