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My Weird Kids Are Just Like Their Mother

My kids are weird.

Last week, Grace was grumpy and tired and – being too old to lie down and take a nap – I suggested we watch a movie and just relax for a little while.weird kids

Okay, she agreed.

“How about Tangled?” I asked, trying to come up with something we hadn’t seen in a while.

No, she responded. Looking over the DVDs, she asked, How about the Sound of Music?

We watched The Sound of Music. On one hand, I was proud of her for choosing a quality classic film over a Disney Princess flick, but… that’s kind of weird, don’t you think?

The next day, the girls and I were eating lunch together when Allie noticed my moussaka.

Eggplant, zucchini, potatoes, ground beef, and a creamy custard topping – YUM!

Allie thought so, too.

Allie won’t eat homemade baby food. She rarely eats anything that’s typical for babies or toddlers.

But she loves moussaka. That’s kind of weird, don’t you think?

I remember clearly a remark my brother-in-law, my older sister’s husband, made when I was about nineteen.

“… if you weren’t such an old lady…”

At the time, I scoffed. “You’re much older than me!” I objected.

“Maybe I was born before you, but you’re about sixty-two!” he reasoned. “You listen to Louis Armstrong. You play Yahtzee and Scrabble with Grandma. Those aren’t normal teenager things.

Even then, I had to admit that he was right. I’m not a normal person my age, and I never have been.

I’m an old soul.

My kids are old souls.

At least we’re in good company.

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6 thoughts on “My Weird Kids Are Just Like Their Mother”

  1. My kids LOVE tzaziki sauce. It’s so loved in our house, we’ve even nicknamed it “ziki.” I can put it on anything and they’ll eat it. Yet, if I try to feed them grilled cheese, they turn up their noses. Hmmm…maybe I should serve them grilled cheese with ziki! Yes…we fit into the weird group too. I think it gives us all character and I much prefer it that way.

  2. My oldest doesn’t like cheese. He refuses to eat grilled cheese or mac & cheese, which to me goes against the very idea of being a kid. Don’t all kids like grilled cheese and Mac & Cheese? I think all kids are weird in their own little ways. At least your little one like “real” food, that’s a plus.

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