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100 Things I Enjoy, 41-50

things I enjoy

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41. Doing laundry in my new washer & dryer. We were selected to participate in Whirlpool's Test Drive program, which meant we received a new Whirlpool Duet washer and dryer last week. They are so amazing that I've spent many minutes sitting in the laundry room, watching my clothes wash and dry. You'll read more about them in the days to come, but I really enjoy washing clothes, playing with the computer system, watching them spin around, and all that. It's really cool.

42. Learning. I don't much care what I'm learning. I just like to learn. I read a lot. Learning new information makes me happy.

43. Shopping. So clearly, this does not fit well with a one-income frugal lifestyle. But I still enjoy it. A lot. It's kind of like eating, something that I have to do but usually end up doing in such excess that I get sick to my stomach.  I don't enjoy that part so much. But the actual in-store, awesome-item-seeking, deal-scouring part? It's a big thrill for me.

44. Running into former students. There is a Walmart where I live, and I frequently run into former students there. It's really fun to see them, meet their children (!?!) and spouses, and catch up a bit. They are successful in many different ways, but it always makes me happy to see them.

45. Growing plants from a seed. If you've never put a seed in the dirt, watered it, watched the little white sprout pop up through the soil, turn green, and grow leaves, you are missing out. It's a fine, fine process.

Go buy a package of seeds and grow something.

46. Brushing my cats. My cats like to sit on my lap in the evening, after the tail-grabbers and fur-pullers have gone to bed. If I'm using the laptop, they'll sit on that. I brush their fur, removing dead hair and dirt and grass. It's a soothing experience.

47. Lying on my back, closing my eyes, and floating in the swimming pool. It's relaxing to kick back and float atop the pool. The only thing I can hear is water, and I can smell the sunshine and enjoy its warmth.

48. Going to museums. This really goes along with learning above. I love to go to museums and see the exhibits and read about them. A few months before our wedding, Joe and I spent hour after hour walking the halls of the Smithsonian Institutions in Washington, DC; I look forward to the day when we'll be able to do that again.

49. Doing nice things for other people, especially when they don't know about it. I can't give you any examples because I don't want to claim my handiwork. It's not necessary to spend any money to do a good deed. Sometimes, just picking up someone else's trash at the McDonald's would make their day. Pass your food deeds on.

50. Going to church. We were without a church for years. My friend, Alyssa, told me last October, “Keep looking! You're going to find the perfect church, and you'll just know. You'll feel like a part from your first day, and you'll just know.”

I was skeptical.

We kept attending different churches in the area, though, and finally, we found the right one. It was just as Alyssa had predicted. Now, I look forward to church every week. I love it. The pastor's words speak directly to me every. single. week.


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1 thought on “100 Things I Enjoy, 41-50”

  1. I am with ya on the church thing! Up until we found the church we now attend, we had never known what it meant to “fit in” in a church. But on a fluke (ok nothing is a fluke with God, but you know what I’m sayin’) we found the church we now attend. My husband is the starff supervisor (on the church council) and I am on committees and teach high school Sunday school. THOSE are things I NEVER EVER EVER thought I’d do in my lifetime.

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