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Dodge Caravan Is A Minivan For the Rest of Us

Last month, I had the opportunity to drive a Dodge Caravan from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to Asheville, North Carolina.

It wasn’t like they needed a courier or anything. Dodge was awesome enough to offer a Caraven for myself and my friends, Jessica, Lolli, and Jill to drive to the Type-A Parent Conference for bloggers. It was really caravan dvd player

I wasn’t thrilled about the prospect of driving a Caravan all that distance.

Then I saw the vehicle.

The new Dodge Caravan is a minivan for people who don’t like minivans.

Like me, for example.

My mom had a minivan when I was in college. It was nice and roomy and all, but it was the antithesis of cool. Imagine picking up your date in a minivan.

The horror.

Anyway, when I first laid eyes on the new Caravan, I thought it looked more like an SUV than a minivan. I was happy to get in and drive it.

Sure, it has sliding side doors, but they’re both automatic. That counts for something, right?

A few other things I loved about the Caravan –

  • On the highway, it got better gas mileage than my little Saturn Vue (26 miles per gallon!)
  • The back up camera – I never drove a car with a back up camera before, but I can tell you for sure that my next car will have one. Awesome.
    dodge caravan backup camera
  • The built in window shades – I loved these. No more having to buy or fumble with window shades for the kids!
    dodge caravan built in window shades
  • The key was awesome! I really want a key like this because there’s no exposed metal parts for a little person to chew on.
    dodge caravan keys
  • The dvd player – It can play two different videos! We never tried it; you know how a road trip with the girls goes. There was far too much chatting to worry about watching a video.
    dodge caravan dvd player

There were a couple of things that I didn’t love about the Caravan –

  • Around Asheville, it only got 16 miles per gallon.
  • We couldn’t figure out how to stow the third row of seats. They clearly are meant to fold down into the floor, but we couldn’t make them do that, and there was no manual in our vehicle to help us.
  • The super cool computer in the dashboard was distracting to me. I wanted to play with it, and I almost missed an exit. A couple of times.

The one thing I dislike about my car these days is that I can’t bring anyone along. With two car seats in the back and Joe and I in the front, we don’t have room for anything or anyone else. The new Dodge Caravan would totally solve that problem.

I think I can overlook my minivan phobia for this vehicle. I wonder if they’d offer me one for longer than a weekend…

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3 thoughts on “Dodge Caravan Is A Minivan For the Rest of Us”

  1. I have had a grand caravan for 10 years and 261,000 miles. I think it’s finally wearing down and I may need a new car soon, but I’m reluctant to part with this vehicle. Today we hit the farm markets and then a plant place and the van was filled with full size plants with stands. There is no way any of our other cars would have handled it. It looks awful though and even has duct tape, though my teen son says he wants it because the duct tape makes it cool.

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