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Allison with a Balloon

For a long time, I didn’t think it would happen.

I was slow to bond with my new baby. Painfully slow.

It’s happened, thanks in large part to the hospitalization program I still attend most days.

She is her own person, very different from her older sister.

I love her just as much.

She is my heart, my joy, my happiness.

A joyful smile with tiny teeth peeking out.

Light red hair and bright blue eyes that are permanently fixed on her big sister.

One dimple, visible only when she smiles.

Rolls of baby chub on her arms and legs.

Tiny fingers with a grip so strong I can’t pry it loose.

Knees that squat and jump over and over and over again.

First words – Hi Dada!

Laughter, every time she connects with her sister’s balloon.


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