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I Can Do Hard Things

A week or so ago, I found a pretty picture on a blog I like.

It said, “I can do HARD things,” and I thought it was so appropriate given the fact that I'm still going to the hospital every day for treatment. I'm still learning how to deal with bipolar disorder and have the life I want: positive, uplifted, happy, stable.

In other words, I have been doing hard things.

Sometimes, it sucks. Most of the time, though, it's okay. Some days, it's even great.

I feel like I'm learning to live again.





It's unbelievable to me that I ever forgot to live, forgot to have joy, forgot to enjoy and love and embrace my babies and my husband, but I sure did. I remember the dark place I was in two weeks ago.

I had forgotten to live.

Anyway, I went to this blog to look at the printable doodle placemats she shared a while ago, and I found this and printed it and hung it on our school board. It's right behind our couch, right next to Grace's Bible verse of the week, right where I will look at it thirty-seven times every day.

i can do hard things

Because I can do hard things.

And I am doing hard things.

And I am better for it.


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9 thoughts on “I Can Do Hard Things”

  1. I love this! I told myself this EXACT phrase yesterday as I was having an absolute panic attack driving the Houston freeways at rush hour (I have a terrible phobia of driving, but was in a situation where I had to face it). I said this over and over, in fact, and found inspiration from it, too. So glad you are feeling stronger, and I am grateful you are sharing this journey with us!

  2. Gary Burke once said, “I will not allow challenges to become excuses.”

    My struggle has been different, and nothing like yours. However, I remember the day when the mood supplements I was using kicked in, and I was laughing with my kids, enjoying them. You can do this.

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