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Beaba Bib’expresso Makes Bottle Making Easier

Before Grace was born, I read somewhere (in What to Expect When You’re Expecting, maybe??) that warming a baby’s bottle is unnecessary. I clearly remember it saying that babies whose bottles have always been room temperature will always drink their bottles at room temperature. They’ve never known any other temperature, so it makes sense.

Grace never breastfed. She never drank milk the temperature of momma. Room temp was fine for her; she never complained.

I never gave the temperature of Allie’s bottles a second thought. They would be room temperature just like Grace’s always were.

Unlike Grace, Allie breastfed for several weeks. She was used to drinking her milk at momma’s temperature. And, she is very particular.

When we started feeding her formula full-time, I made it with room temperature water just like I’d always made it.

She was fussy; she cried all the time. The pediatrician diagnosed her with colic. She had lots of gas and belly pain.

It took her well over an hour to drink a small bottle of formula.

And then, one day, I wondered what would happen if I heated the bottle. I stuck it in the microwave for 20 seconds (I know, you aren’t supposed to.), shook it wildly to get rid of hot spots, and tested the temperature on my lip.

It was perfect, just about body temperature.

Allie drank the bottle in half the normal time. Yahoo!!

Solve one problem, create another. It took an extra 30 or so seconds to make the bottle. When the baby is screaming, that time feels like an eternity.Béaba Bib'expresso

Fortunately, around this time, I was asked to review the Béaba Bib’expresso. It’s a neat countertop gadget that heats water to that perfect body temperature in about 30 seconds.

The first Bib’expresso we received was defective. It didn’t heat at all. A Scandinavian Child rep helped me to troubleshoot, then sent us out a second machine when it was clear the original was not going to work. The second one worked as we expected.

Here’s the idea –

  1. Fill the bottle with the amount of water you need.
  2. Pour the water into the top of the machine and put the button.
  3. Put the desired amount of formula into the bottle.
  4. Wait until the machine beeps.
  5. Put the bottle in the right spot, push the orange handle, and fill the bottle with warmed water.
  6. Shake the bottle to mix and feed.

There’s also a function to heat the water to make a water bath for warming a prepared, chilled bottle, breast milk, or baby food, and another setting to clean the machine. I used the cleaning setting when I first set up the machine, but haven’t used it since.

I have been using the water bath setting for homemade baby food. After making the food, I freeze it in 1/2 cup bowls and then transfer the frozen blocks to a freezer bag for storage. I used to run the bowls under the tap for 15 seconds or so to release the frozen food inside, but I’m able to pour one cup of water into the Bib’expresso, heat it, and dip my food into the water bath for a few seconds. It works like a charm, every time, and saves me from running a lot of water down the drain.

The Béaba Bib’expresso comes with a bottle storage compartment (the big white thing you see in the photo) that doubles as a microwave sterilizer, but I’ve never used it.

Having said that, there are two big drawbacks to this product, in my opinion. The first is its size. It’s not small, taking up almost as much counter space as Joe’s coffee pot. During this season of our lives, I don’t mind it sitting out on the counter, but when we’re making fewer bottles in a few months, I’ll have to find space for it in a cupboard somewhere.

Second, there’s the cost. The Béaba Bib’expresso retails for $129.95. It is cool and really helpful, and I would be willing to splurge on it if it cost $40-$50. But at $130, I would not.

That said, I am glad I have the Béaba Bib’expresso. It has really made my life easier over the past couple of months. Going forward, I’m wondering if I could use it to make hot cocoa or instant oatmeal for Grace. I wouldn’t have to worry about her getting scalded.

It’s something I’m going to play with. When I have more time.

Béaba via Clever Girls Collective provided me with a Bib’expresso to review, the opinions I’ve expressed here are my own.

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