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Welcoming Him Home – Honoring the Man They Call Daddy

Honoring the Man They Call Daddy

For my third Honoring the Man They Call Daddy post, I asked Joe what we could do to make him feel welcome and comfortable at home. This answer struck me most of all:

“It would be nice if everyone could smile at me and say hello when I come home from work.”

So that’s what I’m working on right now.

It’s not an easy job, but it’s important. To all of us.

Did you see the other bloggers’ posts about welcoming him home?

JessieLeigh’s post on Parenting Miracles this week was about making your home a welcoming haven. Is there anyone (man or woman) who doesn’t want to walk into a haven at the end of the day?

You- yes, you- are the biggest asset or liability when it comes to a welcoming home.  Your attitude will make more of a difference in whether your man can’t wait to come through the door or just braces himself for the onslaught.  Pull yourself together.  (And I don’t mean by getting all dolled up.)


That is something to think about when I start to fall apart around 3 pm. Every day.

Jessica stressed doing the little things that we often reserve for special guests for our husbands on Good (Cheap) Eats.

Whether it’s a pitcher of iced tea or lemonade, providing a cool drink is one way to welcome my husband home after a long day. Not only does it quench his thirst, but it also communicated to him that I was thinking of him while he was gone.

I love that! She is a mom who has it all put together.

Amy at The Finer Things in Life gave lots of concrete suggestions for managing the chaos so that her husband sees a smiling wife and children playing happily when he gets home.

Our surroundings are not just physical.  What makes the home is the heart. In our home I have the power to set the tone when daddy walks in the door as I choose my own attitude and do my best to control the circumstances.

Mandi shared 5 ways that we can draw our husbands back home, whether they are at work or out with friends. One of her points –

Don’t dump on him as he walks in the door.

I used to struggle with this one a lot. After a long day of balancing work, kids and a colicky baby by myself, Sean would walk in the door — after an equally long day of physically tiring work — and I would dump on him, both figuratively with my words and literally as I handed over the fussy baby. I’m sure he couldn’t wait to come home to that.

I have learned so much during this series so far, and we’re just past half done. Coming up next week – planning an at-home date with your husband.

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1 thought on “Welcoming Him Home – Honoring the Man They Call Daddy”

  1. I found your site today through Money Saving Mom’s little ebook she gave away. I have to admit, I’m glad that I did. I always am so eager to see my husband, that I never realized how much of an impact my actions reflect in my kids. Of course, my husband was the same way when I was working full time. The minute I walked in the door, I got hit with lots of hugs and kisses from everyone. He bless his heart always made sure I had time to unwind before I took over with the kids. I guess not that I’m the stay at home person (have been since 2009), it helped that he started those trends.
    Of course, my husband works in the yard mostly, so we are hardly ever really apart, but there are days when he’s out working from sun up to past sun down. So, we make sure we take “Daddy” drinks throughout the day.
    I enjoy this post, and if time permits, I’ll check out the other ones as well. 🙂

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