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Last night, while I worked from my laptop on the couch, Grace and Joe were playing on the floor.

Grace was lying on the floor, face down. At first, Joe was running over her with the minivan her Little People ride in. They were both giggling, and he was making the characters complain about the state of the roadway.

Then the tickling started.

Grace loves to be tickled, and her giggles soon turned to exuberant laughter.

And then.

Daddy! I’m peeing my pants!

He stopped tickling, and she stopped laughing. “Oh, then I’ll stop tickling you.”

No, don’t. It’s just drops coming out.

She sounded perplexed that he stopped tickling.

“Are you sure? I don’t want you to pee your pants.”

I’m sure. Tickle me!

“Why don’t you use the potty, and then I’ll tickle you again.”

No, tickle me now. It’s just drops coming out; my undies will stop it.

Joe looked at me; I raised my eyebrows and shrugged.

The laughter began anew, and she never did go to pee.

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