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Preventing Expensive Trips to the Dentist

I am delighted to be one of twenty bloggers featured in Arm & Hammer’s Switch & Save Challenge. During the next five months, I’ll be testing several Arm & Hammer products and sharing my experiences with you.

One of the factors that complicated my transition from full time working mom to stay home at home mom was healthcare. I had a great benefits package as a public school teacher, and Joe had significantly fewer (and more expensive) benefits.

I did choose to stay home with my children, but that meant giving up our dental insurance.

We have to pay out of pocket for cleanings and fillings and, well, everything. It’s more important than ever to be diligent about keeping our teeth clean and healthy.

It’s an easy choice, right? Brush and floss religiously or pay $100 a tooth (or more!) to have cavities filled.preventing expensive trips to the dentist

And let’s not talk about the unpleasantness of drilling and filling and spraying and suction.

Brushing Effectively

I mentioned before that I had balked at buying a high priced battery-powered toothbrush. The Arm & Hammer Spinbrush is the perfect frugal alternative. It costs around $9 (less if you use a coupon from the Spinbrush website) and cleans 70% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

Plus, my Spinbrush came with a coupon for replacement heads. I like the idea of replacing only the toothbrush heads, even if the Spinbrush itself is inexpensive.

Floss Daily

We are keeping trips to the dentist at a minimum by flossing daily.

I used to hate to floss. Flossing was an unpleasant task; the floss always made my fingertips hurt.

That sounds lame, doesn’t it?

But it’s true. I hated to floss because they floss itself cut off the circulation to my chubby fingertips.

A few years ago, I discovered floss picks. They are little strips of dental floss with a handle.

Floss picks are more expensive than a box of plain old dental floss, but they make the chore easier. No more red fingertips, and my teeth reap the benefits.

Use Coupons

I included a link above to the Spinbrush website where you can download a coupon for $2 off the Spinbrush.

You can also check the Arm & Hammer Savings Center for coupons.

This is a sponsored post for Church & Dwight Co., Inc, the maker of Arm & Hammer branded products. Church & Dwight Co., Inc is compensating me to try different products. All opinions are my own.

Get a $4.00 coupon for Arm & Hammer Spinbrush then head over to The Switch & Save Challenge where you can enter to win $25,000.


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