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Planning an At-Home Date – Honoring the Man They Call Daddy

For my fourth Honoring the Man They Call Daddy post, I shared why Joe and I need to spend some time dating again.

Honoring the Man They Call Daddy

Did you see the other bloggers’ posts about planning at-home dates?

I loved every single one.

The Date Night Myth

This post may just get me kicked out of the blogosphere, but in all honesty, I think the importance of regular date nights is over-emphasized and not really a true indicator of a healthy marriage at all.

Yep, I said it.

In many ways, Mandi’s post was like part two of mine. She explained how to focus on your marriage, making the relationship a priority.

Have a Rockin’ At-Home Date

Date your husbands, my friends! Don’t let lack of childcare or funds keep you from sharing those special times. Put it on your calendar right now. Neither of you will regret it.

Jessie Leigh gave 5 specific ways in which you can prepare for your at-home date night. I think every husband among us would be happy if we followed her suggestions!

Frugal Date Nights At Home

Date night honors your husband because it prioritizes him in your life.  It honors your marriage, placing time together at the forefront of busy days and weeks.

Amy’s suggestions cost almost nothing, and they will create a date night he will remember for a long time to come.

The Ice-Blended Mocha and Tips for an At-Home Date Night

Make the food special to show your main squeeze that he is, too.

Planning a date night at home can be just as delicious as a night on the town.

With 6 kids and a 16-year marriage, Jessica and her husband are more willing to splurge on foods for an at-home date than a date out in a restaurant.

This week, we present our final topic – the gift of you.

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