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Arm & Hammer’s Double Duty Clumping Cat Litter and My Stinky Cats

I am delighted to be one of twenty bloggers featured in Arm & Hammer’s Switch & Save Challenge. During the next five months, I’ll be testing several Arm & Hammer products and sharing my experiences with you.

For me, a home isn’t a home without pets. We have 4 cats, 1 turtle, 2 goldfish, and 7 5 4 3 hermit crabs.

Like the people who live here, each of our cats has a unique personality. my cats

Zeus is a big baby, wanting to sit on my lap and knead me whenever I’ll let him. Molly is simultaneously antisocial and wanting to be near; she refuses to be petted. Gracie-Cat is a loner who complains loudly whenever something displeases her. Sammy is the friendliest cat I’ve ever seen, preferring to sit on my lap, and he drools when he purrs.

They are quite a bunch. They like to sleep on Grace’s bed whenever possible. They like their water to come from a fountain. They each have a special spot at which they like to eat (1 in the kitchen, 2 in the dining room, and 1 in my bedroom) and use the litter box (2 upstairs and 2 downstairs).

They think they run the show around here.

(They might be right.)

Four cats in a 1600-square-foot house can get a little smelly, especially when the litter boxes get dirty.

One of the requirements of the Switch & Save Challenge was that we switch to Arm & Hammer brand products. When I received this month’s product – Arm & Hammer’s Double Duty Clumping Cat Litter – I tried to remember why I chose my old brand. I’ve used it exclusively for more than 10 years, but I can’t remember why.

To be honest, my old brand doesn’t work very well. It is a clumping brand, but the clumps are soft and fall apart easily, requiring frequent complete changes of the litter box to minimize the stink.

It doesn’t help that my cats don’t cover up their messes. I thought that was instinctual, but mine seem to have unlearned it.

In more than 10 years, I never thought to switch in hopes of finding a less smelly brand. I just assumed that all cat littler stunk.

A lot.

Our boxes are cleaned every couple of days (usually by Joe who never had a pet before he met me but somehow became the patron saint of cat poop), but they always stink.

I’m paranoid that my whole house smells like the cat box. Probably because it does.

As soon as he poured it into the upstairs litter box, Joe noticed a difference in the scent. “This one smells a lot better than that one,” he said, motioning towards the old box. Because it’s made by Arm & Hammer, this cat litter contains baking soda to eliminate both urine and feces odors.

When one of the cats uses the box containing the Double Duty litter, I can smell the deposit. I’m happy to report, though, that the smell fades quickly and becomes unnoticeable (even by someone like me, who has a near-bionic sense of smell).

Unless they neglect to cover it, but no litter in the world could fix that.

I think we’ll keep using the Arm & Hammer’s Double Duty Clumping Cat Litter for a long time to come.


This is a sponsored post for Church & Dwight Co., Inc, the maker of ARM & HAMMER branded products, who is compensating me to try different products.

Save $1.00 on any ARM & HAMMER Clumping Cat Litter and be sure to enter to win $25,000 at The Switch & Save Challenge.

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  1. I do like the Arm & Hammer brand cat litter. If another is on sale, I’ll buy it and then just throw a handful of baking soda in 🙂 Baking soda works the same way for garbage can odors on trash day too. LOVE me some baking soda.

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