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The Nittany Lion

On our way home from Old Grandma's house last week, Grace asked if we could stop to see the Nittany Lion.

“If you're awake, we'll stop,” I responded, hoping that she would sleep the whole way home.

What if I'm sleeping?

“Then we won't stop.”

About 15 miles before Penn State, Grace woke up.

Did I miss it? she asked, stretching and sleepy.

“No. You had perfect timing. We're almost there.”

As soon as I unbuckled her, Grace raced from the car to the Nittany Lion. She climbed up all by herself, and she hugged its neck.

I've missed you, Nittany Lion! she cooed.

Penn State Nittany Lion

I wish I'd put her in a blue outfit because that is otherwise a perfect picture.


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5 thoughts on “The Nittany Lion”

  1. Cute picture. (I have no idea why you say she should we wearing blue. The green is vivid and cheerful. Love it.)
    And I had to google the Nittany Lion. Never heard of it.

  2. My husband grew up in State College, so we visit not infrequently. On our year-old daughter’s first sight of the Nittany Lion, she excitedly exclaimed “Pooh! Pooh!!” (Well, it doesn’t look so much like Pooh to me, but there you go. Something about the critter certainly appeals to kids.)

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