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Another Library Fine

You are never going to believe this.

Maybe you will, given my past history.

I paid a $55 library fine today. Let me tell you, it hurt.

I really wanted to blame somebody. I tried to find a way to blame poor old Joe, but it simply wasn’t his fault. I wanted to blame a vacation (we did go to Old Grandma’s) or my job, but I really couldn’t.

TLibrary Bookshe bottom line is that I looked at our library basket (filled with thirty-five or so books) every day and made the conscious choice to not take them back to the library.

I renewed them twice, the maximum allowed.

And I continued to look at them in the living room every day.

I did ask Joe to take them back once or twice, but he forgot.

And I still did not to return the books to the library.

So stupid!

I didn’t take the books back to the library because it is too hard.

The library is only a few miles away, but leaving the house with my two children is a big job that requires a big time commitment.

First, I have to get dressed. Normally, I wear my pajamas all day. I figure, when you don’t sleep in your pajamas, it’s okay to wear them  all day.

Then I have to get Grace dressed. She normally wears her pajamas all day, too. Grace is going to dance around and laugh and want to play and not get dressed at all. Convincing Grace to put clothes on requires putting the baby down, and the baby does not like to be put down these days.

She cries.

A lot.


Then I have to pack the diaper bag: a few cloth diapers, a diaper cover, my wet bag, (because, inevitably, I will have washed them and not put them back into the diaper bag), a bottle with 6 ounces of water, formula powder, a burp rag, and two bibs.

Hopefully, the books are already in the library book basket. Otherwise, I’ll have to hunt them down.

Next, I have to get the baby into the car seat carrier, and that usually requires putting Grace’s toys away. There are always toys all over the place.

I usually can’t find Grace’s shoes (because she takes them off all over the house and never remembers where they are), so I have to look for them.

And now, the baby is screaming and tears are running down her cheeks and her poor little face is all red. She hates her car seat carrier, and she will be delighted when she is big enough for the convertible car seat.

I have to get the children into the car, carrying the diaper bag, my phone, and the car seat carrier.

Inevitably, Grace will ask me to carry her, too, and that is absolutely impossible.

And I need to sit down and take some deep breaths.

Then I realize that I forgot the books. Fortunately, I haven’t started the car yet.

I go back for the books, put them in the car, and drive the 4 miles to the library.

It is roughly 90 minutes since I first decided to go to the library. By now, Grace is probably hungry, the baby is wanting a bottle, and they are both whining.

And I am sweaty and tired.

It is just so much easier to stay at home and play and read our books.

If we’re going to keep borrowing books from the library, I’m going to have to get a little more organized.

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18 thoughts on “Another Library Fine”

  1. Ha!  I’ve never had a fine that big – BUT I’ve never checked out that many at one time, either.  Usually it’s only around a dozen books, and a 20 something fine. Which I paid two weeks ago…

    And for very similar reasons.  And not for the first time. 

  2. Have you been spying on me?!  I recently had to go in to take care of around $50 between my card and my 3yo’s (not her fault, obviously).  I did not know that each card has a one-time grace credit on it, wiping your account of all fines to date one time only.  i went in to pay $50 and paid nothing!  I don’t believe I’ve checked out a single book since, though…too scared…

    • This was between her card and mine, too. Nice to know about the grace! We don’t have that. I did forget to mention in the post that the librarian whispered to me that the fine was 225. I said, “Do you mean two dollars or two hundred dollars?” She almost fainted. It was $2.25. Then she got to the second card, and the find on that one was $52.75.

  3. Practice makes perfect! I remember how hard it was with my second one, but once you figure out how to juggle it all, it doesn’t take quite as long. That or your patience grows and it just feels like you’re more in control. It’s still a major production, but you get better at it.

  4. awesome! I wish I had this kind of excuse. I downright just procrastinate until the fine builds and the library calls a few times 🙁 I have 4 and 5 year olds who actually remind me to take them back and I still dont! I’m the same with movie rentals so I have resorted to netflix, that way I can just pop em in the mail box, no driving involved. I have stopped (almost) checking out library books. I buy quite a fewfrom good will and other 2ndhand stores, at 50 cents a piece I am honestly saving a ton of money vs library fees. and I can read them more then once, and sell them back to half price books later(when I quit procrastinating about that too). I love this post. Nice to know I am not the only one that spends so much at the library!!

    • You aren’t. Look for the comment below about providing toilet paper to the library. 🙂

      Even after I pay my fines, the library is cheaper than my former habit, so I’m still coming out ahead.

  5. Doesn’t your library have a fine forgiveness day?  I {shamefully} wait for those to come around or I would have to budget in the overdue fees!

  6. I think the problem is wanting to read so many books, but not having the time to do so.  After all, that one book might be taken out by someone else and not available the next time… or maybe we’ll forget we wanted it and then never read it.  Having two kids made reading for ourselves almost impossible until they were older and we could read in the car during rainy soccer practices.  I think I gave up a lot of reading when the kids were really young. 

    • I don’t ever take out books for myself for exactly the reasons you mentioned. (Though I do manage to read a few pages a day while in the bathroom, of all places.) These were all books for Grace. Story books, early readers, non-fiction. All kids’ books.

  7. haha! Great idea! But they were kids’ books, all stuff for Gracie.
    It really boils down to laziness and bad timing. I think we got out 15 books yesterday. 🙂 But we’ve read them all already, so I’ll return them the next time we drive past the library. Fortunately, it’s on the way to almost everywhere, so I can swing by pretty easily.

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