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Walking to Grandma’s House

My parents live about 1/3 of a mile from us. It’s all uphill, but it’s a short walk.

This past Christmas, Santa left a trampoline at my parents’ house.

Last week, when I assembled the trampoline in their front yard, I said, “With gas being almost $4 a gallon, don’t think I’m driving over here every day.”walking to grandma's house

My sister (who lives with our parents) replied, “Why drive? Put the baby in the stroller and walk over.”

The more I thought about, that idea became smarter and smarter. If Grace really wants to jump on the trampoline, she’ll be willing to walk over to do it.

So. It was a nice day today, sunny and warm. I asked if Grace wanted to walk over to Grandma’s house to jump on her trampoline.

Yes! she squealed.

We packed up the baby and set out.

About fifteen steps from our driveway, I recounted to Grace how I used to walk to my Grandma’s house.

You did? she asked. It’s a long way to Old Grandma’s house!

It sure is, more than 300 miles.

I explained to Grace that we used to live across the road from Old Grandma, and that my sister and I walked about the same distance to Old Grandma’s house that Grace and I walk to Plain Grandma’s house now.

Oh. How about that? Grace said.

“Yep,” I told her. “We walked to Old Grandma’s house almost every day.”

And then, a question that I never, ever expected to hear.

Was that before they made cars?

“No, Grace. They made cars for a long time before that. We were just too little to drive.”

Before they made cars.

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12 thoughts on “Walking to Grandma’s House”

  1. LOL… thanks for the laugh. My daughter has no concept of what life was like in pre-On-Demand world. I remember when I first saw a color TV. And used to walk 5 miles uphill to school every day… both ways. 😉

  2. Thanks 🙂
    My Grandma is Old Grandma. She decided that was what she wanted to be called. She’s 83, so we’ll call her whatever she wants! Grace decided that my mother should then be called Plain Grandma so that it would be easier to tell who was who. Isn’t that a riot?

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