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Taking a Day Off in New York City

This past Saturday, I gave myself a day off.

It was my first day off since Allison was born on December 28.

Leaving home was not as hard as it could have been; I departed before 6 am. The children were still asleep.

I drove to Bryner Chevrolet in Jenkintown, where GM-Northeast had arranged a breakfast and cars for the Philly Social Media Moms to drive into New York City.

I was expecting to ride to New York with my dear friend, Shannon, but a sick child prevented her from coming.

We are moms before we are mom bloggers, after all.

I had breakfast with Delilah, who is lovely and taught me about QR codes.

I had never been to New York City before. Not ever. I assumed I'd ride along and gawk at the sights on the way into the city.

Except no one else wanted to drive.

So I did.

Joey and Jessica jumped in my car. I'm pretty sure I had a divine appointment with them because they were the highlight of my day.

They may not have been so sure, especially after this –

But we made it there and back in one piece.

In fact, the only difference between New York City driving and driving in any other city? There are more yellow taxi cabs.

new york city

We waited in line for Getting Gorgeous.

I thought it would be a day of pampering. Instead, it was a day of learning and of friendship.

getting gorgeous

I did have some gorgeous makeup, thanks to Leora, but even makeup was secondary to laughter and conversation.

getting gorgeous

After the event, Joey, Jessica, and I walked. We talked. We shopped. We met up with Melanie and ate cold tofu and sauteed vegetables at a restaurant.

When in Rome, right? If New Yorkers eat their sauteed vegetables and tofu on ice, then I will, too

Except, don't ever order hibiscus iced tea. It is awful.

new york city

new york city

new york city


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7 thoughts on “Taking a Day Off in New York City”

    • It’s much easier to justify a day off since I’m home with them all the time. When I was working, time with Grace was so very precious. I never wanted to take a day off.
      Now that I’m not working, I sorta need a little time away once in a while. 🙂

  1. Looks like fun! I haven’t had a day off in, um… my oldest turns 7 next month, so almost 7 years. I’m not complaining (nor am I exaggerating), but a day off is starting to sound like a really nice idea.

  2. Tara, What a sweet, generous post! I had such a fabulous day with you and can’t wait to hang out again. The pics came out great. You are a trooper for driving! So glad we got the opportunity to get to know each other.

  3. Sounds like you had a fun day! I can’t believe you live so close to NYC but had never been! I’ll be in at the end of April, just a quickie trip, wish it was longer. Next time you have to hit the halal cart by the Hilton where BlogHer 10 was – it is FABULOUS food!

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