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Internet Friends Are Real Friends

I have mentioned the friends I met on before. We've known each other since our little babies were zygotes in our wombs.

I've met a few of my BabyCenter friends in person.

I hadn't seen Julia since 2007. We were new mothers; our oldest children were just six-months-old.

The three years since have seen three more births between us.

Our oldest were born two days apart. Our youngest were born nine days apart.


We have so much in common.

We are kindred spirits.


I love her. She is as much a sister as any friend I've ever had.

She is my true friend.

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2 thoughts on “Internet Friends Are Real Friends”

  1. The Internet is a beautiful thing because it brings together people that might never have otherwise met. People who have much in common and are indeed kindred spirits. I am so glad you met a wonderful friend through technology.

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