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Comparing My Girls

Allie is quickly growing in a person.

She has likes and dislikes. She interacts with us more and more, and she has discovered some of her toys.

I took this picture one evening last week, and I marveled at her big eyes.

They’re almost always open and looking.

She’s an observer, that kid.

I would love it if she learned to be a napper, but that doesn’t seem to be in her constitution.

Allie 16 weeks

I remembered a photo I took of Grace around the same time, and I went looking for it.

Being an overly anxious first time mother, I was worried that she didn’t have a personality.

After my mom and Grandma picked themselves up off of the floor, they informed me that she had personality in spades, and I needn’t worry.

I now know that is the case.

Grace 12 weeks

I had been thinking that they look very similar – same wide eyes, same pouty lips, same chubby cheeks. But seeing these pictures side by side makes me realize that they don’t look similar at all.

comparing sisters

In fact, I’m not sure if I see a single feature that they share.

I noticed that Allie is just now doing things (physically and developmentally) that Grace did at 12 weeks. I would guess it’s because Allie had such a slow start in terms of growth and then a setback with the RSV, though it could also just be individual differences.

I am sort of obsessed by how siblings are the same and different.

Do your children look the same or do they look very different?

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6 thoughts on “Comparing My Girls”

  1. Mine were a boy and a girl-so very different. However Princess and I look identical as babies-I even had pictures taken of her in a dress that I had MY picture taken in as an infant, and when you put them side by side you would swear it was the same child in the same photo shoot.

  2. Jared and Matt are 16 months apart and look NOTHING blond hair, tan and one fair, freckled with dark brown hair. Makes me laugh thinking of how much that bothered me when they were little.

  3. Thanks Phoebe. 🙂 I saw some pictures of my father’s mother over the weekend, and I think Allie looks very much like her. Grace looked a lot like baby pictures of my mother-in-law. It’s so neat to be able to go back and look.

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