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6 Ways to Use Leftover Ham

Wondering what to do with leftover holiday ham? Here's how to use it for a healthy dinner, lunch, brunch, or breakfast - These casserole recipes are quick, easy, and simple. Some low carb ideas and some with potato. Keto and gluten-free.

I like big family feasts. I like to be in my own home, work like mad to prepare foods, treat everyone, and then eat the leftovers for a week.

It's how I roll.

The last two years, we've gone to visit my cousins and grandparents near Pittsburgh, and we've eaten at a restaurant. Not my favorite, but I don't think other people enjoy the entertaining the whole gang bit like I do.

When you eat at a restaurant, you have no leftovers. That's the worst part.

Anyway, I wanted to put together some recipes that you could use to repurpose the ham that's leftover from your Easter dinner (just in case you're sick of ham sandwiches by now).

6 Ways to Use Leftover Ham

  1. My favorite way to use ham is to dice it and use it to fill my omelet roll ups.
  2. I am apparently on a breakfast food kick because this ham and cheese breakfast casserole looks delicious to me, too.
  3. My mom would love ham and pineapple melts.
  4. I am going to put this cheesy ham and pasta bake into our permanent meal rotation.
  5. Velveeta? Check. Sour cream? Check. Potatoes. Yum! Ham n Potato Casserole is another that could earn a permanent spot in our meal rotation. Don't forget that you can get lower fat versions of most of the ingredients to lighten the recipe.
  6. Ham, egg, and cheese breakfast crepes take my favorite eggs and ham to a whole new level.

How are you using your leftover ham?


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4 thoughts on “6 Ways to Use Leftover Ham”

  1. First thing that comes to mind – Hawaiian pizza! YUM! also, Chicken Cordon Bleu. Yum! Lastly, cubing the ham and putting it in the freezer to use later (you know… when I haven’t had ham for 4 meals straight)!

    I’m with you on entertaining at home. I love it, and I love the leftovers. I love that people can pick at the leftovers at their leisure while we play games or watch a movie (a deviled egg here… slice of ham there…). I love that the kids don’t have to be on their “best behavior” and that parents can enjoy themselves without stressing about kids bothering people at the next table. And, above all, I love planning a feast for my family… and watching them enjoy the fruits of that labor. : )

    • Great ideas!
      I also love that people can pick on the leftovers. In my eyes, there’s nothing not to love about having holidays at home. I just think it feels weird to eat out on holidays (and I’ve done it enough to pass that judgment). It doesn’t work for me.

  2. Ham and Bean Soup…. one onion chopped, sauteed with very little oil, add some carrots sliced or cubed, celery pieces. sauteed a little. then add ham and 2 cans of white beans or navy beans, add about 3 cans of water, little paprika, some pepper, and simmer about 20-25 min. when cooked sprinkle some fresh dill on top. Enjoy

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