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When I Look in the Mirror

Another Five Minute Friday. This time, the theme is When I Look in the Mirror.

When I look in the mirror, I see a happy girl.

I look the same as when I was 25. Same dark curly hair highlighted with strands of white. Same big smile. Same round cheeks. Same double chin. Same singular dimple. Same chubby, womanly body.

I am so glad to again be soft and lumpy instead of pregnant.

A young mom looks back at me from the mirror. She is tired and imperfect and completely satisfied with her life.

A flawed wife looks back at me. I try to see myself myself as my husband does.

I fail.

He looks at me in better light than the mirror has.



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4 thoughts on “When I Look in the Mirror”

  1. You are beautiful. You are precious and your life is precious. May you truly believe your husband and disregard the American obsession with and worship of the almighty “thin” anorexic body. Thinness is way over-rated. Thin people are not any more happy or any more “valuable”.

  2. What a fabulous picture of you.
    Unlike you I LOOOOVE being pregnant and I hate being soft and lumpy again. Ugh.
    Thank goodness for such loving husbands. I think I really married up.
    Great post.

    • I sure wish I did. I love my babies. I love being a mother. But boy, oh, boy, do I hate being pregnant. It’s just not good on me.
      I hope everyone feels like they married up. I think that could be the key to a healthy and happy marriage. 🙂

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