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What I Learned From a Plastic Dinosaur

God spoke to me today.dinosaurs

The clouds didn’t part. There was no clap of thunder, no voice from a burning bush.

It was no less profound.

The moment was ordinary, the kind that happens several times every day. The baby was sleeping in the swing, and I was sitting on the floor, playing dinosaurs with Grace, my 3-1/2-year-old.

The Lord chose the mama T-rex to convict my sinful heart of wrongdoing.

And convict, he did.

His words, through the mouth of my daughter and a plastic dinosaur, pierced me, making me realize how awful I’ve been.

He is a bad husband! the mother dinosaur lamented. He never does what I tell him to do!

“Who’s a bad husband?” my velociraptor asked Grace’s t-rex.

MY husband!, the t-rex responded. I tell him to vacuum the carpet; he doesn’t do it! I tell him to put the toys away; he doesn’t do it! What am I going to do with him?!? Grace’s arms flapped in exaggerated exasperation.

A shiver ran through my body.


My husband has done everything for our family since early November, when high blood pressure required me to spend my days lying down. After the baby was born, breastfeeding consumed my days and nights, and he continued to pick up the slack.

Only now am I beginning to help out around the house, cleaning and doing laundry in between holding and feeding and playing with the children.

I didn’t realize how hard I’d been on my doting husband.

It’s not that he has been quiet. He’s tried to tell me that I was being unreasonable. We’ve argued about it.

I didn’t believe him.

It took God speaking through the mouth of my sweet girl for me to understand.

I understand very clearly now.

Things are going to change at my house, starting today.


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