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We Forgot the Babies

Joe and Grace spent this past weekend with my in-laws. There was a party to honor Joe’s deceased Grandmother, and they used it as an opportunity to have a sleepover and a two-day visit.

Allie and I stayed home. With her getting out of the hospital just a week ago, Joe and I thought it best for us to stay away from the party.

Grace, as you might imagine, was elated to sleepover with Nana and PopPop. She was equally excited to play with her father’s childhood toys and (I suspect) to have her father’s undivided attention.forgot the babies

While I fed the baby, Joe and Grace packed a bag together. They took DVDs, books, clothes, and a puzzle. Grace gathered up her 3 favorite baby dolls – Emma, Nina, and Rosie – and her favorite baby blanket, and she set them next to the bag.

Emma, Nina, and Rosie are different colored versions of the same Little Mommy baby doll. Grace calls them her twins.

Never mind that there are 3. I’ve tried to correct this, but she always says, They’re my twins, Momma.

Some things aren’t worth fighting over.

At any rate, coats and shoes on, Joe and Grace headed for the car with their bag.

I heard the garage door open and then close, and I relaxed, looking forward to my first 24 hours alone {ever} with my little baby.

Holding Allie’s bottle, I read Twitter messages and worked on the Etsy shop I’m developing.

Almost an hour later, the garage door opened again, and Joe appeared at the bottom of the stairs.

We forgot the babies and the blanket,” he said, plodding up the stairs.

“Oh, no. How far did you get before you remembered them?” I asked with a smile.

“The Rutters by the turnpike,” he replied. “Grace was asleep, and she woke up to say ‘Where are my babies and my special blanket?’ and went right back to sleep.”

I chuckled, having seen Grace appear to wake, speak for a moment, and close her eyes many times before. “Is she still asleep?”

“Yeah.” Joe gathered the dolls and the blanket, right beside the bag but forgotten, and turned back toward the garage.

The things we do for our children.

And our sleep.


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