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Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom – The Toilet

Last month, I did a review as part of The Home Depot's Renew Your Bathroom promotion. That promotion has ended, but our bathroom refresher has just begun.

This is our fancy, new dual flush toilet.

spring cleaning in the bathroom

Except, inside, it's not quite sparkling and new any more.

I blame the cats. Cats can learn to use the toilet, you know.

It's too bad mine never did; that would be a perfect excuse.

How to Clean A Toilet

  • In my homemade cleaning products post, I explained that you can use full strength white vinegar to clean your toilet. That will take out soap scum, hard water stains, and a lot of general grime.
  • In the Homekeeping Handbook, Martha Stewart explains that you can use 1/4 cup of full strength bleach to clean your toilet, as well.

In either case, you should clean your toilet once each week.

  1. Pour in the bleach or the vinegar (not both at the same time!), let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, then swish it around with a toilet-cleaning brush. Make sure you've gotten any gunk that is left inside, especially up near the rim.
  2. Wipe down the handle or button first, then the seat (top and bottom), lid, and rim with a Clorox wipe (or a disinfecting cleaner), drop it in, and flush.


Spring Cleaning Your Toilet

Before you do the quick cleaning above, follow these steps to spring clean your toilet.

  1. Clean the outside. I use a Clorox wipe because it's easy, but you can use your favorite all-purpose cleanser and a rag.
    Starting at the top of the toilet, wipe down the tank, lid, bowl, and pedestal. (If you start at the bottom, drips will fall down onto the parts you've already cleaned.)
  2. Check for gunk. That's the highly technical term for all of the dust and dirt you usually miss. Check around the handle, under the edges of the base, and any other spots on the toilet that might collect nastiness.
  3. Consider a repeat cleaning. If your toilet has gathered more soap scum, dirt, or mess than you can remove in a few minutes' soak with vinegar or bleach, clean it a few days in a row. If that doesn't work, throw it out and buy a new one. (That was a joke.
    Actually, we did throw ours out and bought a new one, so maybe it wasn't entirely a joke.)

No matter how clean your toilet is, always flush it with the lid shut.

Keeping the lid down will prevent any wayward spray from landing on your sink, hairbrush, or toothbrush.

Tomorrow, I'll help you tackle cleaning the sink.

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11 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning Your Bathroom – The Toilet”

  1. Ditto to closing the lid when flushing!! Cleaning toilets is my least favorite part of the bathroom. Living with all men and no other females to commiserate with can quite challenging. Especially when cleaning toilets. LOL

  2. Now if Home Depot could invent something that would keep “man-spray” condensed to the appropriate areas, that is something a lot of people could get on board with. And incidentally, would cut down on the amount of cleaning that needed done. 😉

    Only girl in a houseful of mens….

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