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A Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

These super easy rainbow scavenger hunt ideas for preschoolers use a simple camera phone for kids to take pictures of items of each color of the rainbow. There are no clues to print, so mom doesn't have any preparation ahead of time. Just give the children the phone or camera and let them go. Great for families. Best for at home or homeschool use.

Grace has been enthralled by St. Patrick’s Day ever since she was back in Tweenie School (that’s what she called the daycare she went to {and adored} from birth to age 2).

During the month of March, a scheming leprechaun visited Tweenie School when the kids went outside or took a nap. He made messes and played tricks on them.

The teachers set a trap for him, and he filled it up with chocolate coins.

Every single day, when I picked Grace up from Tweenie School, she would squeal and tell me about those tricky leprechauns, waving her arms wildly to emphasize their trickery.

She remembers those tricky leprechauns very clearly.

{Some tricky leprechauns are going to visit our house this week, while we’re out.}

In preparation for our tricky leprechauns, I borrowed a book from the library called That’s What Leprechauns Do. It’s about 3 leprechauns who make mischief on their way to do their job.

After we read That’s What Leprechauns Do, Grace asked me thirteen questions about rainbows and leprechauns and pots of gold.

That’s what kids do, right? They ask thirteen questions every minute.

of every day.

Anyway, to stave off the fourteenth question, I suggested that we have a Scavenger Hunt.

Grace loves to go on treasure hunts and scavenger hunts and have search parties, so I knew she’d be into my idea.

I asked Grace the colors of the rainbow, and she told me.

And then I handed her my camera and asked her to take pictures of three red things.

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

She found and photographed 3 red things in all of a minute.

I should’ve made the game harder. {In the comments, write how you would make it harder. I need ideas for the next time.}

Then she found 3 orange things.

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Then 3 yellow things (one of which I cannot identify, though I can tell it is near the library books).

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Then 3 green things.

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Then 3 blue things.

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

And finally 3 violet things.

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Next, I tried to get her to find 3 white things and 3 black things, but she protested.

There is no white in the rainbow, Mom.

I did convince her to find a picture for gold, since that is at the bottom of the rainbow.

Rainbow Scavenger Hunt

Know what it is?

She took a picture of her hair. And it does look nice and golden, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, we live in the days of digital cameras, and I was unafraid to hand mine over to Gracie and let her start taking pictures. She practiced using the camera. She saw what worked and what didn’t. She noticed that some of the pictures were blurry and some were clear.

Learning, learning, learning.

The Scavenger Hunt took less than fifteen minutes, and I guarantee that we’ll do it again.

How would you improve my scavenger hunt?

I think it needs work before we do it again, so let’s brainstorm.

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5 thoughts on “A Rainbow Scavenger Hunt”

  1. You are a GENIUS! The scavenger hunt sounds like such a great idea! I think I’ll try it with Logan and have him find three of each color thing – either in different rooms, or one on each level of our house. He’ll love using a camera!
    And I’ve already prepared and frozen the green cookie dough for his St. Patrick’s Day party at school tomorrow. Now I just need to make the Irish soda bread.

  2. For valentines day my mom always made us hunt for our present. All of us got the first clue on the fridge and it led us to the next clue. At about the 5th place we found our gift. It was a tradition that stuck and was so anticipated. This game can grow with ur kids and the clues get more sophisticated with kids age.

  3. Okay, so you are now my new superhero. I tried your idea making all three of my kids (5,7, and 8) take their own pictures of three items of every color limiting one color per day them printing them out on regular paper and making it into a book using a paper bag, then having the other kids guess what they were. My kids love scavenger hunts, it was nice to be able to mix it up a bit. Thank you..

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