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Who Do You Want to Be?

Playing with Grace has taken on new level of fun.

Grace has been interested in pretend play for years. She wasn't yet two when she started playing with Alicia and Diego in the backyard.

But it has escalated.

These days, we pretend to be every character that Grace has ever seen.

Robin Hood, Little John, and Maid Marian. The fox and the hound. Dumbo and his momma. Alicia and Diego. Olivia and Ian. The baby and the momma. Tuck and Ming Ming and Linny. Daddy and Momma. Aurora and Prince Phillip. Ariel and Sebastian. Ariel and the king. Ariel and Prince Eric.

It.My Little Chef



I used to hear, You be the baby and I'll be the momma, twenty-five times a day. Her next sentence would be, Say ‘How are you today, baby?', or something similar. She told me everything to say, so as long as I repeated after her, she was happy and I could play Scrabble on Facebook Tweet work on my blog do something else productive while we played.

But the game has become changed.

Last week, Grace started asking a new question.

Momma, do you want to be the chef or the eater?

I'll be the chef.

But I was going to be the chef.

Okay, then, I'll be the eater.

Okay, good. What would you like for dinner, restaurant eater?

So I thought I'd circumvent this conversation by asking her a question in return. Our next exchange went something like this:

Momma, do you want to be Cinderella or the prince?

I don't know. Who do you want me to be?My Little Princess

Whoever you want to be. Do you want to be Cinderella or the prince?

I don't care. Can't you pick for me?

Come ON, Momma! You have to pick! Do you want to be Cinderella or the prince? {I have to admit that she beat me at my own game; I've been using that repeat the question trick for at least two years.}

FINE!  I'll be the prince.

But I wanted to be the prince.

Are you kidding me?

No. I wanted to be the prince.

Why didn't you say that before?

Mom! PLAY! Be Cinderella!

Okay, fine, I'll be Cinderella.

Good. Cinderella, do you want to marry with beach other? {They always marry beach other. If I weren't so busy chuckling about it, I'd correct her.}

I wish she'd just tell me who to be.

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