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Homemade Valentine’s Day – 6 Printable Valentine Gifts


There are dozens and dozens of Valentine’s Day printables online. I scoured my favorite craft blogs and found so many that I broke them up into 3 groups – things to print and frame (below), cards, and other printables.

Make sure your printer has ink and print away!

Things to Print and Frame

  1. The Creative Crate – I can see printing this and giving it to your sweetheart in a pretty frame. Or printed and hung in a bedroom. Or given as a gift to a couple getting married.
    So many uses!
    valentine's printable
  2. The Hands-On Housewife – This is a take on Keep Calm and Carry On, the graphic poster created in Britain during World War II.
    keep calm
  3. It is what it is – Subway art is hugely popular these days. Wouldn’t this print be cute as part of your Valentine’s Day decorations?
  4. LOVE tiles – This is a series of 4 prints, spelling out the word L-O-V-E. The heart, of course, is the letter O, and they are all as pretty as it is.
    love tiles
  5. I (heart) you – I’m very tempted to print this and frame it for both of my girls. Isn’t it great?
    ABC I Love You
  6. Love painting – I think this one is just fabulous. The original artist has given carte blache for its use, even for profit.
    Love painting

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4 thoughts on “Homemade Valentine’s Day – 6 Printable Valentine Gifts”

  1. Lovely! I also love the alphabet one. This reminds me I need to start thinking about what to give my husband for Valentine’s… 🙂

    Just stopped by from the Indie Biz 3.0 website. Nice to meet you classmate :).

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