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Homemade Valentine’s Day – Valentine Games and Other Printables

printable valentines games

This is my very last crafty Valentine’s Day post. I’m a wee bit sad about that.

I’ve really enjoyed scouring the internet for awesome Valentine’s Day crafts and printables. It’s been fun, and I’ve found all kinds of blogs that I never knew existed.

In case you missed any of them, this series has contained all of the following:

Games and Other Printables

  1. valentines printablesPrintable knock-knock jokes – These are awesome for the knock-knock joke crowd. I printed them for Grace, and she’s already memorized them. If your Valentine is able to read, you could cut these out and tuck them inside a mitten or lunchbox or coat for a pick me up.
  2. valentine printablesAntique Valentines – Wouldn’t it be nice to make this for an older friend or relative? The site has antique Valentines that you can download and use however you like.
  3. printable valentines gameToad-ally awesome tic tac toe – This set includes a bunch of different pieces that you can use for a school class. My favorite piece is the tic-tac-toe board.
  4. printable valentines activitiesHeart to heart memory game – Every kid I know likes to play memory, so why not do it with hearts?
  5. printable valentines couponsValentine Coupons (where you fill in the prize) – The thing I don’t like about most printable coupons is that they are pre-filled. A night by the fireplace is useless around here, for example. The only fire place in our house is in a book.
    This particular set is blank, so you could use it to make coupons for your spouse and print it again to make coupons for your kids.
    Or the dog.
    Or whomever.

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