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Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts Kids Can Make for Adults

homemade valentines day gifts for kids to make

I love this series! Homemade gifts speak volumes about your friends and family.

More than jewelry.

Well. Maybe not more than jewelry, but more than a lot of stuff.

The homemade Valentine’s Day gift suggestions I’ve posted so far have been:

I hope you like the series, too.

Now that we’re finding a routine and life is feeling normal, Grace and I are thinking about crafty projects.

We are planning on making more than one of the gifts below, but the recipients read my blog, so I can’t tell you which ones.

What are you going to make?

Gifts Your Preschooler Can Make for Adults

*The name of each project is linked to the tutorial.

  1. Plantable Valentines – Garden season is approaching faster than you might believe. My dad has already ordered his seeds for this summer’s garden, so I know he would like these plantable Valentines.
    plantable valentine
  2. Heart-shaped magnets – We made these last year. They were perfect for a 2-year-old, quick and easy. Basically, they were stickers stuck to stickers stuck to a magnet.
    And they’re still hanging on everyone’s refrigerator (even the one that got chewed on by a dog is still hanging, teeth marks and all), so I believe they were a success.
    Valentine's Day magnet gifts
  3. Bouquet of hearts – I think this one is sweet. While everyone you know might not love a bouquet of pipe cleaners and paper hearts, I think a parent or grandparent would love them.
    I think Old Grandma would probably put this bouquet in a vase.
    And leave it there for years.
  4. Paint a picture frame – I’m pretty sure this project cost me almost nothing. Our local Michael’s craft store was having a kids’ craft workshop when Grace and I happened to stop by last year. I had to buy the wooden frame (for 99 cents, if I remember correctly), and the store provided the paint, glitter, and glue in a classroom space. Grace was ecstatic to paint this picture frame for her father.
    He was ecstatic too, taking it to work to sit on his desk.
    Joes Valentine picture frame
  5. Hand print canvas – I’ll admit it. I’m a sucker for hand print crafts. I wanted to make this one at Christmastime, but we didn’t get to it. I love the one below just as much.
  6. Heart soaps – I’ve never tried to make soaps, but it looks easy enough. Small people can help with mixing, measuring, and pouring. They can help decide colors and scents.
    And, of course, children can help wrap and decorate the soaps. I think it would be a fun project.
    Valentine's soaps
  7. Glitter Hearts – Grace loves to pour glitter all over projects. It’s an obsession, really.
    She also loves to smear glue all over things.
    This would be the perfect project for her, now that I really think about it.
    Hanging Glitter Hearts
  8. Photo wreath – If you wanted to make this a longer lasting project, you could use craft foam or even a thin wood back the photos (instead of construction paper). What grandparent wouldn’t be delighted by a wreath with your kiddos’ face all over it?
    The kids would probably like having one of their own, too.
    photo wreath

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