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Things to Write Home About – 1/9/11

We are still adjusting. It’s not going as smoothly as I had imagined.

Depression doesn’t clear up over night. The baby isn’t breastfeeding as well as I’d hoped and isn’t gaining weight. She doesn’t sleep well, and we have to visit the pediatrician for weight checks about every third day.

Grace needs a lot more attention than she’s been getting. The poor girl feels ignored (and often is).

I am sitting on a post about the struggles we are having (or maybe they’re just my struggles), but it’s so raw that I’m not sure I can publish it.

Things to Write Home About is safe. It’s normal. I had a few hours to myself today while Joe and Grace visited the Pennsylvania Farm Show with my sister, and I spent it lying on the couch, nursing and pumping and reading my favorite blogs.

For the sake of normalcy.

I needed normal. It feels good to share with you again.

Here are some of the awesome posts I discovered:

Homegrown: Parenting & Having Fun As A Family

Home Cooking: Recipes & Kitchen Tips

Homemaking: Keeping Your House Running

  • Laura, The Organizing Junkie, posted 6 rules for containerizing at Life Your Way
  • Mandi at Finances Your Way shared 9 ways to save money in the kitchen
  • Joshua at Becoming Minimalist explains 18 reasons to get the tv out of your bedroom
  • I love the Laundry Agreement that JD Roth from Get Rich Slowly has with his wife

Homemade: Crafts & Other Projects

  • Chrissy at Hickey Pickety Handmade posted a no-hem skirt tutorial (I have an aversion to hemming, so it’s perfect!)
  • Kaysi at Keeping It Simple posted a cleavage hider that attaches to her bra straps – so smart!

Healthier Mom: Improving my Physical & Emotional Well-being

  • Marelisa at Abundance Online shared 32 tips for a slimmer, healthier you (sadly, Dove Chocolates don’t make the list)
  • My friend, Jan, from 5 Minutes for Mom, wrote about her experiences with postpartum depression nine years ago
  • Dena fro Mother Inferior considered what her life might be like if she didn’t have the safety net of a stable family at (in)courage

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Feels like Home

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6 thoughts on “Things to Write Home About – 1/9/11”

  1. I thought adding the second child was hardest. It’s such a huge adjustment for everyone. My oldest was not happy with me that I’d brought a baby brother home to her. I hope things start to get easier soon. And I believe they will. It doesn’t stay this hard always. Hugs and prayers to you!

  2. I struggled with the baby blues after both my kids but it was far worse after my second. My first dc had difficulty breastfeeding and had to have constant weight checks. Take care of yourself. I wish I had rested more after I had my babies. Best of luck to you.

  3. Thanks so much for featuring my post! I’m honored.

    I went through PPD with my first son and it WAS raw…wrenching…exhausting and overwhelming. I’m praying for you and your family!

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