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Skiing Together

I’d like to introduce you to Sandra Foyt. Often with a party of five that includes an understanding husband and a trouble-making dog, Sandra has been eagerly exploring the Northeast since her children gave up naps on their first birthdays. She writes about these outings and other fun things to do with kids in New York at, and adventurous mommy blogging at

On winter weekend mornings, when I’m still warm and cozy under wool blankets, Kayla and Alex jump out of bed, eager to join the ski team in making first tracks at Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort. This will be Kayla’s second year on the team, and she was so enthusiastic about her experience last year, that she convinced her little brother to join too. My children have been skiing since they were little, but it might surprise you to learn that Kayla’s first ski lessons were not at a ski resort.

The minimum age for lessons at most ski schools is four to five years old, and for good reason. Children need to be comfortable working with an instructor, usually in a group setting. To get anything out of the lessons, it’s important that they have the social skills and motor skills to listen and follow directions.

But, you don’t have to wait until they are old enough for ski school to give a child their first ski lessons. Before anything else, the most important lesson is just to have fun in the snow.

When my children were babies, they loved riding the toboggan in my arms. Once they could walk, our snow covered yard provided all that was needed for afternoons spent building igloos and snow men, painting snow, making snow angels, and of course, lots of snow ball fights.

It also didn’t hurt to get them accustomed to ski equipment at a young age. When Kayla was a toddler, we strapped her into her fist skis. They were basically glorified snow shoes in the shape of tiny skis, but she loved them.

Mostly, she stomped around or ploughed ahead, but every once in a while you should have seen the look on her face when she managed to glide downhill a bit. Priceless.

How have you encouraged a love of winter activities in your kids?

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2 thoughts on “Skiing Together”

  1. This is interesting because I just took my kids sledding for the first time yesterday and we had an amazing time. The kids are 2 and 5 and it always seemed like such a huge job to bundle everyone up and get out there. It was a hassle, but worth it to be active in the fresh air. There isn’t much skiing in Chicago, but I plan to be outside much more this winter.

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