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Sister Lullaby

Big sister Grace switches between moments of impetuous affection and moments of loving concern and goodwill toward her baby sister.

I bite my tongue when really I want to scold, “Leave your sister alone!” or “Quit touching her!” I never say those things because I don’t want to discourage the overwhelming attachment she feels to her baby sister.

Sometimes, I make requests, “Please don’t kiss her when she’s sleeping,” or “She’s turning her head away from you. She needs some quiet time,” to remind Grace that Allie’s needs and wants are important, too.sister lullaby

I try to encourage Grace’s affection, never knowing whether the adoration or the aggression is her true, underlying feeling toward her new baby sister.

I wonder if I’ll ever shake the guilt I feel over the time and attention Allie takes away from Grace.

Then something like this happens, and I know for sure how Grace feels.

After dinner this evening, Allie laid in the bouncer, fighting sleep. Grace wanted to kiss her, but I asked Grace not to do anything that would keep the baby awake.

I’ll sing her a lullaby, Grace announced.

I was stunned by the song; I wrote down every word.

Allie, I will always love you because I am your big sister.

When you’re older, I’ll dance with you

and we’ll sing together.

I’ll always dance with you because I’m your big sister,

and I’ll always sing with you because I’m your big sister

and I love you.

Allie, when I’m old, I’ll give you whatever you want.

Whatever number I am, you’ll be less.

I’ll dance with you when I’m old.

I’ll give you cookies.

Don’t worry, my little sunshine. I’ll always love you!

I’ll love you forever and ever until I die.

And I’ll still love you then because I’ll be in heaven,

and I’ll pray for you every day when I wake up.

Please excuse me while I blow my nose and wipe my tears. It may take a few minutes for me to get myself together.

© 2011 – 2018, Tara Ziegmont. All rights reserved.

8 thoughts on “Sister Lullaby”

  1. HELLO! Now I am all teary eyed. That is so sweet. Thank you for sharing Grace’s special lullaby with us. LOVE this picture, too!

  2. Wiping the tears away here as well. What a beautiful song! The sister bond is amazing, I love watching my girls love each other. Of course, the times they fight like sisters bring me back to reality! Congrats on raising such a loving big sister!

  3. Such a precious little song! Mommy guilt is hard to tackle – I have it when I wonder about the time my youngest takes from my oldest. I have it when I wonder about the undivided time my oldest got as an infant that my youngest will not get. But just as you learned in your daughter’s song, what they lose in attention from us, they gain many times over in the special relationship of sibling-hood.

  4. I am an elementary music teacher, and I was soooooooooooooooooooooo moved by this post. I give my kindergarteners a chance to sing their made-up lullabies to my puppets, and that is enough to melt my heart. But this, wow…

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