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Renew Your Bathroom with The Home Depot (featuring $100 giveaway)

Can you imagine hanging your head in this every day for seven months?


Fortunately, my second pregnancy didn’t make me as sick as my first. I really did throw up in that hideous toilet most days when I was pregnant with Gracie. With Allie, I threw up only a handful of times.

Nonetheless, I often threw up in that ancient, ugly, dirty-looking, toilet.

Sometimes, lifting the lid alone made me gag.

It’s not because the toilet is actually dirty.

Okay, it is dirty in this photo, but I’m not talking about the grime around the water line. I’m talking about the brown spots in the center, where the water goes down.

We clean our toilet. We’ve tried tablets and drop ins and soaks.  Once, Joe scrubbed and scrubbed, only to learn that the problem is that the finish has come off over the years. Scrubbing it actually made the bowl uglier.


We try really hard to be frugal (even though we fail most of the time), and being ugly does not affect how our toilet works. It flushes just fine, thank you very much.

Even if it is a little wobbly.

And a lot ugly.

And you have to hold the handle down for three to five seconds to make it flush.

It still worked. Mostly.

Fortunately for us, The Home Depot is having a Renew Your Bath promotion in which decorating ideas are online and in the store, and featured products and special buys make a bathroom upgrade more affordable.

Changing out this one thing – our hideous toilet – is going to make a big difference in the overall look of our bathroom. It doesn’t take a huge investment to really perk up the smallest room in the house.

I spent some time online, researching the toilet options available. Joe was leery of the “new” one-gallon water saving toilets, so I chose a dual flush model that has a liquid flush and a solid flush option.

I can’t wait to see how this toilet affects our water bill. One member of our home has to flush the toilet before using it, to make sure it’s clean. Training her to use the liquid flush button will save a tremendous amount of water.

This past weekend, we headed to Home Depot to get the toilet I chose.

The discounted products were all right in the front of the store, next to Customer Service.

Renew your bathThe Home Depot

We quickly located the toilet that we wanted.

The Home Depot

And right next to it were project sheets reminding us of all the tools and accessories we’d need to install the toilet ourselves.

toilet installation

It was all very convenient; we got everything we needed and left.

Joe hasn’t gotten around to installing our toilet yet, but I’ll show you what it looks like when he does.

Renew your bathroom with a $100 gift card for The Home Depot!

The Home giving away a $100 gift card to one lucky Feels Like Home reader. (US residents only, must be 18 or older to enter. No duplicate comments.)

To enter: How would you spend it? Leave a comment explaining how you could update your bathroom for $100.

Good luck! I’ll use to choose a winner sometime after 11:59 pm on February 4, 2011.

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29 thoughts on “Renew Your Bathroom with The Home Depot (featuring $100 giveaway)”

  1. I think with $100.00 I would get a towel cabinet of some sort. I have a rack, but a cabinet would be better so I could hide them (ratty towels) Either that, or I would buy another shower/tub faucet. Like your toilet, it isnt dirty just the finish is falling off and looks gross no matter when I cleaned it!

  2. The shower that we have in our master bathroom is barely large enough for me (and I’m a pretty average sized girl), let alone my 6’3″ husband. We’ve been wanting to expand the shower for some time now and this would be just the jump start that would help it all come together! Thanks for the giveaway! 😀

  3. Since we’re getting ready to put our house on the market this would be VERY handy. I’d use it for paint to give our bathroom a nice fresh coat of paint. The bathroom was pretty much all new and updated when we bought the house but the paint could definitely use some touching up!!

  4. OMG! We could soooo use this! Our list is a mile long- redo kids’ bath, new living room ceiling, new kitchen ceiling, new fence, landscaping, paint inside and out, new living room windows, new screen door, new front door and frame, etc., etc., etc. Thanks so much!

  5. Our “to do” list around the house is getting very large… and even though Joe is constantly working on things, there’s always something more! we’re looking at getting new carpet in several rooms and need to do some touch up projects all around. Plenty of trips to home depot to come this winter/spring, especially if we want to put the house on the market by summer!

  6. I’d buy new toilet seats. The cheap replacements never seem to last very long before the hinges corrode, or wiggle, or the paint wears off the bottom (what’s up with that?). Maybe I just need to spend more money on a decent seat… That and re-caulking the bathtub, which is more about time and elbow grease than money unfortunately, or it’d been DONE a long time ago!

  7. To begin with, I’d re-caulk around the tub, and we won’t even talk about the sub-floor that needs ceramic tile! 🙂 And paint…I’d definitely paint. And that’s just the beginning.

    Thanks for letting me share…’cause it really is UGLY!

  8. I could use it to solve the mysterious mold-growing problem in my tub…it’s really gross having to walk in and have blackness surround you while I’m trying to enjoy a steamy shower. And trust me, I’ve “cleaned” it well yet the mold grows back within a week. Rapidly!
    Also, the toilet has been abused haha.

  9. We’re actually planning to switch out our tub this spring. Like your toilet, the enamel has worn off and makes cleaning nearly impossible. I hate standing in that tub! We’d love to do an entire bathroom remodel, but our tight budget doesn’t allow for that right now, so piece by piece it’ll get done. This gift card would be a great help to us!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  10. Like you, I would change out the toilet. The toilets here are fine but very, very short. I’d like a taller toilet.

  11. Like you, I would change out the toilet. The toilets here are fine but very, very short. I’d like a taller toilet.

  12. Our bathroom could use some new caulking around the tub. But mostly we could use some grab bars near the toilet for mom – she’s 88 and has dementia. Making the place more handicapped friendly is a challenge.

  13. I would get a new light fixture (ours is in bad shape). Also I would love material to surround the bathtub. The previous owners put up wall board that wasn’t meant to get wet. Anyway, it’s a mess…

  14. I would re-tile the bathroom. My current tiling job has cracked and buckled over the last 30 or so years, and rather than regrouting, I want to take it all off and start over. Plus, the original tub was converted to a shower at some point, so the tiles don’t go all the way up the walls, which is bad for the house. $100 would go a long way in this project. I will put in fresh, white subway tile to give the 1940s bath (the only bath in the house) a clean, vintage feel.

  15. Our main bathroom is in its original 1957 pink and gray tile state. However, our first project is the downstairs bathroom, fashioned in white-painted cinder blocks and a toilet equally as dingy as yours. We want to replace the water-wasting toilet, bulky sink and add a stand-up shower (there’s room! It’s the strangest space), a modern vanity and of course some nice features to make this a bathroom I’m not embarrassed to send my guests to. Much needed!

  16. Gosh…hmm. We could replace the drywall behind the toilet that got damaged, as well as re-caulk the tile in the shower and regrout a few different places. There are a bunch of little things that need done, for sure.

  17. I would use a $100 giftcard to replace the sliding doors on my shower- they are coated in hardwater scum and have been falling off the tracks since I bought my house!
    leftcostamom at gmail dot com

  18. Hmmm…I would put it towards a new sink/vanity. Ours is really small and has very little storage space in it. Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

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