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Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts of Food

A lot of people hate Valentine’s Day. I think it’s because they see the holiday as commercial – made up for the sake of selling cards and flowers.

I don’t see Valentine’s Day that way at all. I think it’s a perfect excuse to love on the people who are important to me.

I dislike commercialism and feeling pressured to buy things, for sure. But I really enjoy an excuse to shower my husband and daughters and friends with love and affection.

I think it comes from my mom and my grandma. They always celebrated us on Valentine’s Day.

In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, I brainstorm and to help Gracie do the same. Our goal is to love without spending any more money than we have to – homemade and heartfelt is our preference.

Over the next week or so, I’ll share all sorts of ideas for homemade Valentine gifts:

  • Gifts of Food (below)
  • Gifts for the Home
  • Gifts for Children
  • Other Crafty Gifts
  • Gifts that Preschoolers can Make
  • Printable Cards and Gifts

You probably have the materials for one or more of these projects in your home already.

What are you waiting for?

Gifts of Food

*The name of each project is linked to the recipe or tutorial.

  1. Red velvet whoopie pies – Whoopie pies are very popular in central Pennsylvania, but I am not among their fans. They just never taste that great to me. Still, these red heart-shaped pies are impressive, and I’d eat one just on principle.
    If only someone offered me one.
    red velvet whoopie pies
  2. Easy Valentine cupcakes – I included these because anyone can make them. Cooking skills or not, these are the easiest food gift you actually make yourself. Really. To get any easier, you’d have to buy a gift at the bakery.
    To make these cupcakes, all you need is a cake mix, a container of pre-made frosting, food color, and some licorice. If you started with strawberry cake and frosting, you wouldn’t even need the food color.
  3. Oreo Kisses – Bakerella is a veritable genius when it comes to baking and sweet treats. She combined Oreo truffles (which are basically ground up Oreo cookies mixed with cream cheese – I know I’m not the only person who eats them until she’s sick.) and Hershey’s kisses.
    Anybody want to make a couple dozen of these for a new mom?
  4. Heart-shaped pancakes or omelets – So maybe breakfast is not a gift, per se, but your special someone would love to eat a heart-shaped breakfast on Valentine’s Day.
    Or any day, for that matter.
    heart-shaped pancakeheart-shaped omelet

    Food Gifts Your Preschooler Can Make

  5. White chocolate candy popcorn – Popcorn, melted white chocolate, and M&M candies – what could be easier? Plus, your friends and families will love the sweet treat.
    I’ve seen lots of printable tags that you can staple on top of a bag like this, to make it look nicer and give you a spot to write TO: and FROM: if you need to.
  6. Candy cane heart pops – I’m tempted to go looking for mini candy canes, just to make these chocolate lollipops. How cute they are!
    You may not want your preschooler to help with the melted chocolate, but I’m sure he or she will be ecstatic to decorate the chocolate with red and pink candy sprinkles.
    Plus, the results are impressive!
    candy cane heart pops
  7. Cinnamon Heart Bark – This idea is so smart! Many of us have probably made (or eaten) tons of peppermint bark, but have you ever thought about cinnamon bark? Repeat the same process with red hot candy.
    This recipe comes from No Time for Flash Cards, so you know there are lots of opportunities for help from your small person.
    Cinnamon Heart Bark
  8. Sweetheart cake mix cookies – The recipe for these cookies has only a couple of ingredients. It’s easy and comes together quickly. Little helpers can roll the dough into balls and help to roll the balls in colored sugar.
    I think these really make a statement when they’re done.
    sweetheart cookies
  9. Heart-shaped pizzas – This idea came from No Time for Flash Cards, and it’s become a tradition at our house. We make heart-shaped pizzas from tortillas, and we use cookie cutters to make heart-shaped toppings. Grace gets to make her own pizza from start to finish, aside from actually putting it into the oven.
    heart shaped pizza
  10. A chocolate emergency – This one just makes me laugh. You’ll need a smooth edge can opener, but this one requires no cooking skills at all.
    chocolate emergency

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