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Homemade Valentine’s Day – Gifts for Children

This week, I’ve shared ideas for gifts you can make and give for Valentine’s Day.

Sharing Valentine’s Day with children is my favorite part of the holiday. Last year, I made 14 love notes (complete with fancy envelopes!) and put them in a mailbox for her each morning.

I most certainly will not be doing that again this year, even though it would probably mean more to her this year than it did last year.

I’ll think of something else, maybe one of the ideas below.

Gifts for Children

*The name of each project is linked to the tutorial.

  1. Countdown to Valentine’s Day – This blogger wrote something she loves about her daughter and put one in each pocket. I think it would also be fun to put activities in the pockets, in the same way we did our Christmas countdown chain
    Valentine Countdown
  2. Mail Pouch – I love these! I tried to make one last year for Easter, but it was hideous and I threw it away. This tutorial makes it look easy enough that I am inspired to try again.
    mail pouch
  3. Valentine Envelopes – This is the same idea as above, taken from the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. This one isn’t sewn; it’s hot glued. It looks really simple to put together, and it hangs by a long handle instead of being a backpack-style bag to attach to a chair.
    Valentine envelope
  4. Love birds – How cute is this? It’s a simple sewing project, and the wings make a little pouch that you can stuff with love notes.
    love bird
  5. Sleepover pillowcase – I think this is a fabulous idea! I might make one for Gracie, since she sleeps over at my mom’s house at every available opportunity. At least once a week (but often more), Grace says, “Can I have a sleepover at my Manda’s house?” or “Can I have a sleepover with Grandma?” A sleepover pillowcase would be awesome.
    sleepover pillowcase
  6. Felt bracelet – All little girls love jewelry, right? This simple cuff is made from felt and ribbon, so it goes together quickly and would delight any little (or big) girl.
  7. Pencil and Notebook folder – These never go out of style, do they? This particular tutorial has space for a notebook and a set of pencils, skinny markers, or twistable crayons. I love these!
    pencil holder
  8. Felt heart barrettes – I love these, too. I have been making all sorts of felt hair things lately for both of my girls. Gracie takes them out of her hair after about ten seconds,  and Allie doesn’t have enough hair yet. But that hasn’t stopped me from making them anyway.
    felt heart barrettes
  9. Bath bombs – These are just plain fun. I never heard of them before I found this tutorial, but I love the idea! Grace is definitely getting one or two of these for Valentine’s Day!
    bath bombs
  10. A puppet theater – These instructions are written for children who’ve just learned to sew, so rest assured that almost anyone could follow them.
    I think a puppet theater is an awesome idea for any kiddo. I know Grace would love one.
    puppet theater

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