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Setting a Good Example

It's no secret that I don't love being pregnant. I've complained about it a lot.

I'm thankful that no one told me what pregnancy would really be like; I would never have done it the first time.

I would have missed out on my calling.

No one told me how much I would love being a mother. Even when I can't find time to bathe or even pee in peace, I love being a mother.

My sun rises and sets on Grace, and I know it will rise and set on the new baby when she gets here.

I believe with all my heart that God created me to mother. My sister and parents have complained for years about being mothered. Now I have little people who like it. It's my thing.Olay Total Effects

Part of mothering is setting a good example. As you may have guessed from my previous skincare posts, I'm not very good at taking care of myself.

My children? I'm the best. No one does it better than me.

Myself? Um. Not so much.

I want to set a better example for my girls. I don't want them to learn that mothers always come last. I want them to learn that mothers have needs, too, and that taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of others.

We brush our teeth together each morning and evening. Grace likes to mimic me as I apply deodorant, and she likes to share my lip balm. There's no reason that we can't wash our faces together in the morning and apply moisturizer in the evening.

The Olay Total Effects Moisturizer that I've been using puts out just a little bit of moisturizer at a time, so I might let Grace try it. I think she'll like the cooling sensation that it gives, even though she doesn't need the anti-aging benefits.

It can be our new routine, something that big girls do together.

I like it.

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37 thoughts on “Setting a Good Example”

  1. Do I get to be first? My little girl mimics me nursing my baby. It’s hilarious. “I dive my bebe miwk, Mama. Yummy.” And my boys mimic their dad’s walk, and talk, and mannerisms.

  2. What a great idea! I’ve never even thought of it this way. That’s something I would like to start doing with my girls too. Thank you for the wonderful post!

  3. Ryder mimics every single thing I say. Needless to say, we are verrry careful around here with our words! He also mimics things I do that his Daddy doesn’t love-sometimes he will get into my make up, and several times we have caught him painting his nails! 😀

  4. That’s a good question. I have a college son and 2 teen high school daughters. All 3 of them are pretty awesome people. I’ve noticed that my girls have my sense of style and fashion. They love looking good and have a knack for doing it on a tight budget.
    That’s just like me! TIGHT with the moola!

  5. My kids are grown but the most devastating thing I saw was my 3yr old shaking her finger at her doll giving the doll the lecture. I told my Mom and said where did she get that from I don’t do that. Mom said YES you do. Holy cow, I made sure I didn’t do it any more.

  6. I picked out YOUR story to read because it hit home…being an example. Good job! Great skin care is so important, and starts at an early age. I also was not the greatest at taking care of my skin…sun bather for HOURS. BUT, when it came to my son…sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Now I moisturize the heck out of my skin, in hopes of regaining some goodness back. I must say that the older I get the better my skin looks!
    Enjoyed your post. : )

  7. I don’t have kids, but I used to mimic my mom when I was a kid. I would sit and watch her put the curlers in her hair and the cream on her face before bed every night. When she would get up, she would let me sit in her chair and do the same thing to myself. Its a really good memory.
    one 4 earth at aol dot com

  8. As a dude, no pregnancies here! LOL And I never mimicked my mom in anything. I did however, mimic my dad all the time. I pretty much thought my dad was god growing up and that he knew how to do everything. I would follow him around and just copy his movements and stuff. It used to crack my siblings and mom up when I was little.
    nynekats at aol dot com

  9. My kids mimic me by making a certain fake smile I make when I’m upset. If I make the face – they do, too! But they are all in high school and college.

  10. My daughter always imitated taking care of her baby sister. She carefully folded her clothes and stood guard when neighbors came over. She was only 15 months old but you would have thought she was 15 Years old!

  11. Both of my children are past the mimicing stage, but my son used to sit with me & mimic me crocheting 🙂


  12. My 3 year old mimics me reading. He sees me reading all the time, it’s my favorite hobby. I caught him the other day with one of his storybooks and he was pretending to read it aloud to himself. When he finished his story he shut the book and said “that was a good story”. It was so cute.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  13. MY nephew copy everything i go to the kicthen to get a snack and he is right behind if i stop he would run into my butt. purple_lover_04 at msn dot com

  14. Stressing and de-stressing at end of day are my secrets to turning back the clock. Stress wears on the face.

    tclarkusa at gmail dot com

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