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Reindeer Food

Last year, Grace came home from day care with a baggie labeled Reindeer Food.

Oh, how we adored that day care and those teachers.

The baggie of Reindeer Food appeared to be made from 2 parts whole oats combined with 1 part silver glitter. It had a decorative tag that explained the following:

Sprinkle reindeer food in front of your house on Christmas to attract the reindeer and ensure they stop by.

It was adorable.

Grace thought it was awesome.

She and her Aunt Amanda spread it in the snow in front of our house on Christmas Eve. She was so excited.

My sister had a brilliant idea – to throw some half-eaten carrots and reindeer poop (chocolate chips) on top of the reindeer food.

Reindeer Food

Grace was overjoyed that the reindeer food worked.

Guess who's making reindeer food tomorrow morning?

It won't be quite as impressive without the snow this year, but I'm pretty sure that it will still lure those reindeer to our home.

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4 thoughts on “Reindeer Food”

  1. Ugh, the idea of putting all that plastic glitter in the yard… probably not good for the environment! Also, chocolate is hazardous to a lot of animals. I think I’d skip that and use sugar glitter and sunflower seeds instead.

    • I had the same thoughts! My cousins put out a similar oats and glitter mix last year and I had to refrain from spoiling their fun, but glitter surely can’t be great for whatever little critters end up eating that stuff. Some sprinkles or sugar glitter sounds like a good replacement option.

  2. In the UK the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) asks those making reindeer food to use cake decorating (edible) glitter or coloured sugar as the birds eat the oats which if it has glitter stuck to it can die from ingesting it. I suppose the little treats for cats that look like chocolate drops could be a good alternative for reindeer poop?

  3. I totally agree! Making Reindeer food is fun, but use the colored sugar crystals instead of glitter for bird safety. The cat treats instead of chocolate is a great idea. No chocolate!

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