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Our New Baby’s Christmas Stocking

There are many indications that my January baby is going to be a December baby instead.

I'm fine with that. If you've ever been pregnant, you know that the last days of a pregnancy are the longest days of a woman's life.

A week or two ago, Grace asked me if Santa Claus knew that we're having a baby.

After an instant of speechlessness, I told her that he did know.

Is he going to bring her presents? she asked.

I told her that Santa would, in fact, bring presents for the new baby.

And then I realized that I'd committed myself to buying presents for the new baby.


I set out to get a few very high quality toys for the new baby.

We have a family set of Pottery Barn Kids stockings. I got them last year or the year before, and I love them. As soon as we'd decided on the baby's name, I ordered hers so that it would match the rest of them.

Since she'll not be opening presents anyway, I decided to simply fill her stocking.

I paid for everything on this list; nothing was a promo or from a PR rep. I simply bought some nice things. Here's what I chose –

  • A Sophie the Giraffe Teether – This was highly recommended by my friend, Allie, who writes No Time for Flash Cards. She insists that all newborns should have one.
    sophie the giraffe
  • Flower headbands from Sassy Little Princess – I saw a baby at the Relevant Conference who wore huge flowers on her head, and she was stunning. I decided then and there to adorn my new baby with humongous flowers.
    Whether she likes it or not.
    Sassy Lil Princess flower headband
  • Flower headbands from Kelly Joy Designs – More flowers for my new obsession. Kelly Joy Designs put swag into our bags from the Relevant Conference, and I adored mine. I've ordered from her twice in the last month; everything she sells is beautiful and very well made.
    I think I bought her whole stock of flowers, and Kelly Joy is expecting a baby around Christmas. It might take her a little while to get them back in stock. I expect her to have new items in her shop in a month or two.
    kelly joy boutique daisy headband
  • A letter-shaped rattle from Little Alouette – This was also recommended by Allie, who has some of their other shapes. They are so smooth and perfect; I can't imagine how much work goes into each one.
    Little Alouette rattle
  • A rainbow teether from The Purple Tangerine – After ordering the wooden letter rattle above, I set out to find more natural wood baby products. I loved the rainbow-colored silk cording on this one. It's not a rattle, just a natural teething ring.
    Purple Tangerine wood and silk teether

It's completely uncharacteristic of me, but I stopped there and didn't go totally overboard.

Actually, my Paypal account ran out of money; otherwise, I probably would have purchased more.

What are your favorite handmade or specialty baby products?

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1 thought on “Our New Baby’s Christmas Stocking”

  1. I love the huge flower look too. I was lucky enough to win a little pink cap with a huge white flower on few years ago that both my youngest daughters have now worn. It’s the only thing either girl would let me put on their head without taking it off. Never could figure out if it was because they knew they looked adorable, or because of all the compliments they got when wearing it. 😉

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