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My Beauty Routine

After last week's skincare confession, you are probably not be surprised to learn that I don't have much of a beauty routine. In fact, I don't even wash my face.

My face gets wet every day in the shower, when I rub my hands over it and rinse it in the hot water. It's enough to make my face feel clean.

No wonder my skin looks so rough, right?Olay Total Effects

If I get especially sweaty or especially dirty, I do wash my face with soap. The same soap I use on my body.

Give me some credit; it's unscented soap for sensitive skin. It's not harsh or irritating.

That's that, my skin care routine.

I don't have time for much else.

In the morning, I have to get Grace and myself ready to walk out the door in about 50 minutes. I could get up a little earlier, but that's a tough request for this pregnant mama.

In that 50 minutes, I take a shower, get dressed, work on my blog, eat, feed Grace, get her dressed, and get us both out the door.

In less than 6 weeks, we'll be adding another human to the routine.

I'm concerned that postpartum hormones will make my skin even worse than it is. I'm concerned that the stress of a newborn and a busy preschooler, combined with a lack of sleep will leave me looking tired or worse.

But I'm not sure where I could take 10 minutes to clean my face once or twice a day. That seems out of reach when I recall that I had a hard time even bathing when Grace was a newborn.

After trying Olay's Total Effect Moisturizer with Cooling Hydration, I am sold on its benefits. I am thinking that maybe I should at least try.

This is sponsored content from BlogHer and Olay.

Remember I said I got personal recommendations at Olay for You? It suggested that I try a few products from Olay's Definity line. I'm going to compare the Total Effects products with the Definity ones and choose a new routine.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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84 thoughts on “My Beauty Routine”

  1. Oh wow! What a great giveaway! Here’s my beauty routine when I actually take the time to primp…. First I take my shower then (I always wash my face in the shower) Then I put on a little makeup.. then I either staighten or curl my hair depending on how much time I have… and thats pretty much it… I rarely wear make up though because I generally do not have time to fool with it and you can usually find me with my hair up in a bun…. 🙂

    [email protected]

  2. I don’t have much of a beauty regimen. I wash my face and moisturize. As far as makeup I only wear blush and lip gloss.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  3. I don’t have much of a beauty routine … I’ve started using Therapon skin products and I think they are awesome, but now I am running out and am afraid I can’t afford to buy the full-size products! We’ll have to see…

    If I put on make-up, it’s a liquid-to-powder thing, eyeshadow, mascara, and lip gloss. And that’s a big IF!

  4. The end of my beauty routine consists of one of those lovely pre-moistened no-rinse exfoliating towelettes. They make me happy, and take no time at all to use. The beginning of my routine consists of slapping on whatever makeup I feel like wearing that day. Nothing to write home about, for sure.

  5. hmmm…. as a mother of 3- all under the age of 5- i sadly, have not routine 🙁 if i am lucky i will get the chance to wash my face maybe three times a week? its terrible. i do always brush my teeth though so thats a start right?…

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  6. Well, my hubby and I love Mary Kay Velocity skin care even though it was designed for teens and we are far from it! As far as make up…I just grab what is on sale at Target…I really have no clue about applying and choosing colors. I could use some help there!!! In fact, if I am not leaving the house that day, my make up does not go on!

  7. My beauty routine is also simple. I use a foaming facial cleanser (currently Olay), rinse, dry, and add lotion. Granted, it IS the same lotion I use on my body, so maybe I ought to rethink that. Then a touch of makeup. It takes me about 3 minutes for all this, as I have a little one too and need to run out the door in the mornings too.

  8. I honestly don’t have a great beauty routine. I usually find a product that I really love and then it starts to break out my skin. I’m still looking for that truly great product!
    pauline15_01 at hotmail dot com

  9. My beauty treatment is after a morning shower, I put on spf moisturizer & than my makeup. Each evening, I make sure to either shower or wash my face fully and apply a nightime moisturizer.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  10. I can’t miss a day of moisturizing. That is my one “must” do for everyday. It keeps my skin softer and younger looking.
    Ziggywag at yahoo dot com

  11. My beauty routine is water, drinking lots of water. Washing day and night and moisturizing day and night. That’s pretty much it.

  12. I don’t have a big routine. Just was daily. But my wife always tries for consistency; washing and moisturizing in the morning and night. Lots of things like moisturizers won’t work, unless you use them regularly. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I recently got a Clarisonic and have been trying that and following with moisturizer. We’ll see if it makes a difference; so far I’m liking it. Thank you!

  14. I’m still hit and miss with my routine… depends on how much I’ve got going on and whether looking younger is up or down on my list of priorities. Mainly just wash with water and moisturize! I always love Olay tho!

  15. My beauty routine changes on the day based on how busy we are and how demanding the baby is being! But if I can I try to straighten my hair and do my makeup. Tinted moisturizer is a new addition to my routine and really makes me feel more put together.

  16. I have super dry skin, so I totally need help with this! I try to moisturize with Clinique, but then I get zits, go figure!?!

  17. Shower, wash & condition my hair every day. Blow dry it with a heat protectant spray every day. Makeup every day (unless I am sick or not seeing anyone/going anywhere). Wash my face at night, do a mask once a week or so. Paint my toes once a week and my fingernails for special occasions. 🙂

  18. I shower and moisturize every day. I try not to miss a day of using some kind of moisturizer on my face. Winter is very hard on my skin.

  19. I would love to try this product…..I am not much into the makeup and beauty routine stuff but with losing 94 lbs and starting to run outside in this crazy weather it has taken a toll on my skin!!!

  20. Please note that my main comment came as one4earth but when I tried to do the same thing with my tweet, I kept getting an application error, so I signed in under my Twitter name…thanks!

  21. Please note that my main comment came as one4earth but when I tried to do the same thing with my tweet, I kept getting an application error, so I signed in under my Twitter name…thanks!

  22. No make-up here lol but I do have a routine! I shave, wash my face, lotion my face and under my goatee where its really dry, and then I style my hair with hair wax! Quick coat of some lipbalm and I am good to go!

  23. Y’know, I guess I’m weird, because I’ve been purposefully letting my skincare regimen become less stringent and just sort of let my skin care for itself 🙂

    Please feel free to contact me at:

    allrightyes at gmail dot com

  24. I wash my face with a gentle cleanser in the evening and use moisturizer. In the morning, I rinse it with lukewarm water and moisturize. Easy peasy and my skin is in good condition.

  25. I wash my face with a gentle cleanser in the evening and use moisturizer. In the morning, I rinse it with lukewarm water and moisturize. Easy peasy and my skin is in good condition. mcgillrmcgill(at)charter(dot)net

  26. I don’t have much time for a beauty routine with a 2 and 5 year old. A lot of times I don’t have time to wash my face either. I will grab a baby wipe and scrub my face with it. Then apply moisturizer before a quick makeup job.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  27. I don’t do a whole lot to myself. I know that I should but it just doesn’t seem like I have the time. I take a shower daily, brush my teeth, and blow dry my hair. That’s about it. If I have to go somewhere I try and put some foundation on since my skin has gotten so bad lately. thank you!

  28. well….i wash my face before bed and apply a night time moisturizer… im the am, I apply a litle more day moisturizer….. and then i apply a tad bit of concealer and MASCARA and Im out the door… less than 20 mminutes )

  29. My beauty routine: I wash my face every night and moisturize. I use Olay’s antil-aging eye roller in the mornings for my puffy eyes. I swear that taking a fish oil suplement makes my skin shine and I drink lots of water.

  30. My routine is to wash with cold or cool water when I get up and again before going to bed. Just want to get the daily dirt and oil off. I rarely wear make-up. None of this helps my skin look any better now that I’ve reached my 40s, but I don’t have a lot of wrinkles. 🙂

  31. I don’t have much of one. I sleep with my makeup on-yup! And I wash it in the morning and put on makeup and some sort of mositurizer on my cheeks.

  32. My skin care regimen exists solely because of my wife. If it wasn’t for her, using chapstick would be the extent of my efforts. She introduced me to sunblock, and moisturizer.

    pauleyd68 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  33. In the morning I wash my face with facial cleaner in the shower and then moisturize (always making sure I have at least SPF 15). At night I wash my face again and use nightime moisturizer. I also use a lot more hand and body lotion and lip balm in the dry winter months!

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