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Legos Meet Polly Pocket

I was really excited when Grace first showed an interest in Polly Pocket.

The dolls, the clothes, the accessories – it was all so cute.

I have grown to abhor Polly Pocket and her friends. All they do all day and all night is marry b-each other. And they fight over Prince Charming.

And don’t get me started about the little rubber/plastic clothes that are next to impossible to put on (parental assistance required) nor the teeny tiny accessories that I can already picture sliding down the gullet of our new addition.

One miraculous morning last week, Grace was playing with her Polly Pockets and her Legos at the same time.


Can you see what’s awry in that photo?

I inquired about the drink on the tree branch.

Oh, that’s Leela’s cup holder. These blocks come with cup holders!

Polly Pocket plays with Legos

Oh, right.

Of course they do.

Cars and Legos.

They come with cup holders.

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4 thoughts on “Legos Meet Polly Pocket”

  1. Oh, also wanted to say that we have this tall shelf from Ikea that has 9 bucket/drawers in it. We keep Polly and her stuff in one of those. That system works pretty well.

    As long as Grace puts them back when she’s done playing.

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