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6 Inexpensive Ideas for Entertaining this Holiday Season

6 inexpensive ideas for holiday entertaining - These 6 tips and ideas are great! Including fun things to do on a budget with kids or the whole family, these will keep you under budget - maybe even with money left over!

6 Inexpensive Ideas for Entertaining During the Holidays

Planning a holiday party can be stressful and costly. It's quite possible that it could even put you in a financial bind.

  • Do you throw a holiday party even if you do not have the money?
  • Do you forgo the party even though you want to spend time with family and friends?

Here are a few holiday party ideas so you do not have to answer yes to either of those questions:

  1. Throw a dessert party

    This is a take on the par-for-the-course potluck dinner, but much sweeter. Ask all of your guests to bring one of their favorite desserts. You can even make one or two of your favorite desserts also, although it's not necessary. Your responsibility is a nice pot of coffee and hot chocolate.
    You can choose to mix and mingle, rent a movie, or maybe you all can gift wrap together. If you have guys present, they may just go for the mixing and mingling. If you have cable, you can turn it to one of their nice music channels or use your MP3 for music.
    One more thing, when you invite your friends, ask them to bring a few copies of their dessert recipe to share.

  2. Have a baking party

    This one is a little different then the dessert party because you get down and dirty.
    It's really fun. Pick a few different baked good recipes. Invite your friends and family members and ask each to bring an ingredient for baking – chocolate chips, sugar, sprinkles, flour, etc.
    Spend the evening in the kitchen with your friends. This evening is great with Christmas music from your favorite radio station while you bake together.

  3. Host a holiday movie night

    This party is all about the feature presentation. Pick a classic holiday movie like Miracle on 34th Street or National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, order pizza, serve popcorn and candy, supply the drinks and watch the show.
    If your crowd includes children, pick one of the classic cartoons like A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas with a little popcorn so they will enjoy their movie night as the adults do the same.

  4. Hold a crafty afternoon

    This one also works with the kids, so there's no need for a babysitter. You can invited them along. Pick a really neat, simple holiday craft. Choose from Tara's ornament crafts for preschoolers, crafty gifts, or simply decorate stockings. The important part is to spend time crafting with your friends and their children.

  5. Host a holiday open house

    An open house will have a little more expense then all the other suggestions, but it is perfect if you have a good amount of friends and family.
    Invite your guests to drop by anytime they like during a certain time span. Have light appetizers and drinks available throughout the designated time frame. These appetizers and drinks can be whatever you like, pick a theme such as holiday classics or whatever you think of.
    This type of party allows you to host a large amount of people in a stress free way.

  6. Or, a traditional potluck dinner

    This type of party will never go out of style, so it gets included in the list.

I hope these ideas offer creative and cost-effective holiday party options that allow you to enjoy the company of your loved ones without wrecking your budget.

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4 thoughts on “6 Inexpensive Ideas for Entertaining this Holiday Season”

  1. These are wonderful ideas, Andrea. I especially like the holiday open house and the dessert party. Will have to utilize the both of these next year!

  2. This post is so timely! I must say the ever increasing cries on commercials to SPEND SPEND SPEND were getting me down. Big lavish gifts and parties are way off the mark for anyone trying to tighten their budget – and who isn’t?!

    I had an interview with Tracy Roberts of MomsInABlog recently where she shared her ideas for cutting back on the spending and putting the MAGIC back in Christmas by creating memories instead of accumulating more stuff and debt. Her attitude was so refreshing and just felt old fashioned to me.

    These ideas of yours, Andrea, also sound old fashioned. Years ago, this is how most of us spent Christmas – gathering together in small ways, without spending all that money.

    Thanks for sharing these great ideas. This was a fun post!

  3. Fun ideas, Andrea! I like the baking party. It could be very fun with work friends, you get to see different dimensions of their personalities, guys and girls alike. You can cut costs by having them each bring a favorite ingredient from a list you provide. (First to respond can choose the least costly items . . . )

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