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What Happens When Daddy Dresses the Preschooler

When Momma is restricted to a horizontal position, responsibility for dressing the preschooler falls on Daddy.

Daddy helped her get dressed

Grace came down stairs like this one morning this week.

when daddy dresses the preschooler

Her head is not on backwards; her pajamas are.

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8 thoughts on “What Happens When Daddy Dresses the Preschooler”

    • Did I inadvertently imply that she gets dressed? She doesn’t. We both wear our pajamas all day long. Today, Grace wore her jammies (those penguin ones) to her Grandma’s and only took them off when Joe gave her a bath tonight.

  1. so cute! last monday when i stayed home with the kids since jb was sick, i dozed off in the morning after they woke up and they took it as a great time to dress themselves. antonio did pretty good. fleece pants and a t shirt. jb crawled into bed next to me, butt naked. 🙂 at least she put her diaper from overnight into the diaper pail.

  2. My 3yo routinely puts her clothes on backwards- panties, pants, skirts, shirts- Everything. When I tell her it’s backwards she says “That’s okay. I like it that way.”

    • I had forgotten about this til just now, but Grace used to wear her jacket backwards. From around 2 until around 3, she insisted on putting her coats and jackets on backwards, zipper in the back. It made me laugh, but also was a little embarrassing. 🙂

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